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The Group Journal - 2
Zielle S.

I, Kaela Halls stuffed a tin can of cookies back in my backpack and ran out the school door. I was already late for the meeting. I burst into the libary, much to the librarian's anger. "Sorry!" I mouthed, and walked over to where we held our meetings.

"Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late, Em. Miss Hannie wanted me to help her with the blackboard." I apologised and sat down.

"It's ok." Emm smiled. "We were just about to pick a slip!" then she added, "Trina, have you got the journal?"

Trina nodded and handed it over. Emma reached jnto the hat and pulled out a slip. "Ka-"

"Emma, it's Valerie!" Trina squeaked. Aside from Emma, Trina was the only girl in the club I knew, since we had grown up together.

Uh oh. Valerie was the meanest, and toughest kid in school. And she's a girl! Valerie entered the library and smirked when she saw us. We all new, well I knew that Valerie would snatch away our journal if she ever got the chance. And what's worse, she would show it to all the schools in the state!

Nobody looked worried; except Trina, since she was the only one who had written in it so far. So Emma, who knew Valerie better than all of us, hid the journal under her jumper and motioned for us to pretend to be just chilling out. Finally Valerie left and Emma called out the name. "Kaela Halls!"

"Yes!" I took the journal happily.

My life was pretty swell, I thought, so it would take me awhile to write my part of the journal.

I wrote:

Hello! I'm Kaela Halls and I'm 11, going on twelve. I love cats and dogs. I like cooking, and I live on a farm...

I did say a few stuff that I didn't want anyone except the club to see, but I didn't care because after all, Valerie and her friends didn't see the journal.
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