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Ages: 11-12
MSA - Chapter 12: Reese Jeraldin
Zielle S.

Yayayay!!! I'm sooo excited this is back on!!!

I craned my neck to look above the other kids. There he was, Mickey. Sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, nibbling on a cheese stick. "Hey, there he is!" I nudged Jenni who was walking the other way. Mickey's face was burning red and his eyes looked hurt. "Go away." He gritted his teeth as we neared his table.

"We're sorry, Mickey. We like you. Really, we do." Eliza blurted out.

Mickey stared straight ahead. "I thought Janet liked me." He said. A group of kids came up, and one of the boys, who seemed to be the leader walked up. "Of course she doesn't like you. Y-y-our w-wierd. A-and y-you st-stutter." He mocked, snorting up laughs. "Let's hear you sing, Barker. You'll lose 'cause no one will understand a w-word y-you s-sa-say."

"Leave him alone." Jenni pleaded.

"Why don't we hear you, sing. I bet all we'll hear is a rooster squealing and a pig snorting." I clamped a hand over my mouth. I couldn't believe I said that. "I-I mean-" I stuttered as the boy walked up to me. Suddenly, the lunch bell rang. Woah!! Saved!

"C'mon, Claude." One of the boys from the gang called.

Claude stopped. "I ain't finished with you kids." And he walked away.

"Hey! Way to go, Reese!" Eliza clapped me on the back.

"I don't think so." I felt nauseated. "You heard what he said."

"Neh...I don't think he'll come after us. He'll be the laughing stock of the whole school! Why would he wanna fight a bunch of girls?" Eliza giggled.

"Why don't you talk to Janet, Mickey?" Jenni suggested.

"No way. Y-you're k-kidding right? I a-already made a f-fool of myself. Y-ou heard w-what your sis said. I-I'm a c-creep." He stuttered. "I-I'd better get to c-class." He popped his lunch box into his locker and walked away.

Jenni, Eliza and I sighed. "We'd better go, too. Singing class has probably started by now." Jenni said.

I turned and followed my friends to class. As we were were walking to class, we bumbed into Kana, and her twin Kassy.

Woodland Aster, do you want to go next? =)
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