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Zielle S.

The house sat in silence, only the clattering of dishes in the kitchen sounded in my ears. Tiffany, my older sister sat slouched on the couch, playing all four of her gadjets. Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, and computer. Leya sprawled in a corner, her thumbs moving swiftly across her screen, and Wayne was doing the same thing, making faces I would giggle at when I looked up: which was not very often. I just sat on the couch, eyeing my laptop and ipod since I had woken up. I could hear Mom's continued sighs, and often a dileberate bang on the counter brought me jumping. I think she gave up right then and there because at once all, four of us began a loud din."Aw, Mom! I was still playing! Why did you have to turn it off?" we were reffering to the modem that helped us operate our captivating electronics. I sighed.

"Go outside! I don't know how long you've been on those things, but it seems far more than enough." Mom ordered, her sturdy hands on her hips.

"Aww..Mom..." Tiffany began.

"It's called an Ipod, mom." Wayne, the second to eldest, reluctantly handed his Ipod to mom.

"Ipod, ipad, iphone, computer, you have em' all!" mom threw her hands in the air.

"Outside being poductive or into the kitchen with you!" mom gave us those two options.

Taking one glance at the pile of dirty dishes made me decide I wanted outside then to be stuck with them.

I grabbed my Ipod and hurried outside.

"Aii!!" my mom screeched. "Without that thing!" she snatched it out of my hands, mumbling, annoyed at our laziness.

I went grumbling outside, and my siblings followed. "Why did Mom have to turn it of?" Leya complained, lying flat on her tummy in our front yard.

"Yeah..." Wayne agreed. "I was talking to my friend!" he kicked up a clump of dirt that sent us running after him with dust in our eyes. But, of course we did lie back down and continued our loud and annoying whinging. Meanwhile, Mom was at the kitchen window, watching us lying there. She could even hear our audible complaints!

The next day was Sunday, and once again we were on our gadjets. Mom shooed us of and hurried us away to get ready. I slid of my chair obediently, thinking we could always play at church. But, instead, we went to church with nothing in our hands but our bibles, handbags, and anything that Wayne would usually have. (except his ipod, ipad, iphone etc...) Hehehe...I don't know. I laugh for no reason!

Twenty whole long exsaperating minutes to church without my ipod is unbearable. I tell you. Unbearable. But, anyway, I made it through to church. I didn't know most everyone at church because usually mom and dad would let me bring my ipod. But I knew all the cars, and today I noticed something. New figures in the crowd, and one new car in the squishy car park.
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