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Ages: 11-12
Abby's Mistake - 9 - Lan
Zielle S.

Abby sat up, her face blurred with tears. She wiped at her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. “Susie? I was wrong. I’m sorry.” She spoke at the mirror.

Abby walked out the door, but instead of heading for Susie’s, she walked straight to my apartment. My mom answered the door and told her I was at the park.

“Hey, Lan.” Abby touched me gently on the shoulder, finding me on a bench toying with my hair.

I jumped. “Uh—oh, hi, Abby.” I hung my head, trying not to show my tear-stained face.
I gestured for Abby to sit down.

“So, what’s up?” Abby asked.


“I heard from Susie you left Ming and her group.”
I nodded. “They were no help of getting me popular.”


I hurried to correct myself when I saw the look on Abby’s face. “I mean-“

“I know what you mean! You mean that popular is all you care about!” Abby was on her feet now, yelling in my face.

I blew it. A chance came to be friends again, and I blew it. Me and my big mouth.

I have such a terrible temper! Abby thought to herself angrily, and marched away, bumping into Susie.

Susie had heard our ‘conversation’. “Wait for just a minute. What happened to the ‘Friend’s Forever’?” she yelled.

I hopped to my feet. Before I could say anything, An and Jia entered the scene. And for about the first time, An spoke up..
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