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Ages: 11-12
Lost Generation - 6
Zielle S.

Wait a minute. First I was facing two people I don’t know, and now they’re telling me they are my flesh and blood? That was crazy! As far as I could remember, I hadn’t one single relative on the face of the earth, (except for my Dad, who left me) and here two of them pop up. My mouth dropped open.

“Melanie, now it’s your time to answer me. Where is your necklace?” she asked firmly.

“Uh-“ I was about to answer, when I noticed a locket hanging from Aunt Anna’s neck. “It-it was-it looked exactly like that!” I fingered her necklace. “Except brighter.” I added. Then, “Some people stole it from me.” I said simply, like it was no big deal. Really, it was, but what could a thirteen year old kid like me do about it?

“Stole it?” Anna gasped for the second time that day. “Melanie, Jonathon, sit by the fire and I will tell you what happened and what will happen.”
That second statement really scared me. What will happen? I didn’t want to know. But I sat down anyway and snuggled down comfortably.
Anna began her story. “Long ago, your mother, Melanie...”

My mother? I never knew my mother for very long. My father, when I was six, left me with some people, and that’s all I remembered including the day I ran away.
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