My Poems and Songs
Ages: 11-12
The Lost Generation - 1
Zielle S.

Shadows loomed over me. Shivering in the darkness, I imagined a high shriek of laughter followed by a haunting scream. Sharp ropes dug into my skin as I struggled to break them. “H-“ I began. A long creaking booming noise sounded all around me. The floor seemed to quake. An entrance opened, and I was almost blinded by the light.

“Don’t worry, little girl. We won’t hurt you.” A man came up to me. “We just want-“

“What?! Want what?” I shrugged him away from me. “Whatever you want, you won’t get.” I grimaced.

The man raised his eyebrows. I gave him the look.

“Try me.” I bit my lip.

He continued silently. “We only want that.” He reached out a grimy finger and pointed to my necklace.

“No.” I croaked, looking down at my necklace. My mother had given that to me before she died. It was so special to me. But to them? What did they want with it? What did they care?

“It’s that, or your life!” A second man sneered. “We want it.”

The first man spun around and growled. “Quiet, Donnam.” He hissed. Turning to me again, he said, “He’s right. What is it?”

“Please don’t take it.” I whispered. I tried to keep the tears from my eyes.

The man didn’t listen to me. A dark scowl spread over his face. He reached out and yanked it of my neck. “I expect you want life more than this necklace. Right?” he swung the necklace dauntingly in front of my face. “Right?” in a flash, he dropped then grabbed the necklace, and went roaring out of the room.
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