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(Title a work in progress) Midnight Spell - Prologue
Zielle S.

Dear diary,

Welcome home. Well, I canít call this home. My family is with me, but itís so boring here.

Since we moved to the city, I was forced to stop being the same country girl I used to be. No bare footing, even in the summer. You get laughed at if you do. Not a person in school would like to befriend a country kid. Even the teacher seems to be ignoring me.
Everybody is so dainty and so polite. Not that Iím not, but Iím a kid. And kids have fun! Right? At least from where I come from. No one here likes to have fun. But maybe thatís just what Iíve seen. I donít think anybody here has set foot on a tree!
Three weeks here and not a friend. Is that normal, diary? Neh. I donít think so.

One day, I was going on a walk, when suddenly I spotted a river. Not just any river. It was perfect. I was busy writing an essay describing a river. This one would do. With its sparkling ripples. It was so clear, one could see fish darting about at the bottom.

To my surprise, a face appeared on the surface of the water! Thinking it was just my imagination, I sat down at the bank and started my essay. You wonít guess what happened next. The water rose above me...
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