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MSA, Chapter 7: Reese Jeraldin
Zielle S.

Eliza was just telling Jenni it would be alright. This was the first time I saw her face become worried. "You'll be ok! Just relax. I was nervous at the audition, but I was fine."

Eliza breathed in. So did I. Suddenly, a blond haired girl came running up, puffing. It had a tint of brown in it.

"Uhm, hey guys! Are you going to singing class?" She asked. She wore jeans, and a long blue t-shirt. A bright smile spread over her face as she spotted us. Her hair was in curls, and a blue headband pulled it back.

"Oh! Hi. You must be Kana. I'm Eliza." Eliza held out her hand to Kana.

"Hi, Kana. I'm Reese. BTW, loved your audition!" I greeted her. "Yes, we are on our way to singing class, luckily. Right here!"

"Thank you." Kana stopped to catch her breath, and followed us to the class. "So my twin sis Kassy got delayed on her audition. The judges and teachers said she could do it some other time, but very soon. Or else, she won't get in."

My face fell. I was looking forward to meeting her. Anyway…I shrugged it off.
We made it in just as two other kids bounded in a head of us.

Singing class. Here it was!

We slipped in. The teacher really was nice. She greeted us with the warmest smile I had ever seen. "Hello, girls and boys! Singing class will come to order!" She had pretty blue eyes and hazel hair with a variety of red mixed in.

Kana, Reese and I stayed together.

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