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Abby's Mistake - Chapter 5 Susie's POV
Zielle S.

Hi Scarlet! Do you mind if I do this in Susie's POV? If you don't I'll do another one. Please comment a star if yes!

The past few days with Abby and her school with us for their school trip had been dull. It was dull. Especially without Lan and Abby.

I felt so guilty. I knew it was part my fault for not telling Abby. I could have stopped more hurt feelings, and maybe Abby would have come earlier and stopped it from going any further. I felt terrible.

How could Lan do what she was doing to Abby? Then, I remembered what I had done to her. Was this payback, or was it just to get popularity? Abby and Lan both knew I was sorry. Ming was taking over Lan's whole life.

I was in my apartment after I had run away after Abby's outburst. I had to admit it, I was scared of Abby just then. She could get very mad.

I decided to go after Lan. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I ran out the front door. I soon arrived at the park. I found Ming, An, Jia and Lan standing in the middle of the park. Everyone was afraid of Ming, so everyone talked to her, But some of them, just because of the thirst for popularity. I sure wanted it too, but not right now. I was not going with those guys.

"Lan! Lan!" I yelled, waving my arms like crazy. My red curls bounced as I ran.

Lan hid behind Ming. I rolled my eyes. Slowing down to a walking pace, I pushed past Jia and An. They dumbly let me through. Ming hissed, "Idiots!" I reached Ming, but she wouldn't let me past. I wasn't at all surprised.

"Let me talk to Lan, Ming." I was surprised at my braveness. Ming was much taller than me, and stronger.

To my surprise, Ming shrugged and let me past. Lan was there. Her cast had been taken of, but it was still a bit hard for her to walk.

"Hi, Lan." I whispered. She looked so different! I mean, I wasn't shocked, she had been like that for weeks.

"Hi." She managed a faint smile.

"Lan, do really want this much popularity over a friendship? I've seen you and Abby together. You were like sisters! What happened?"

"Susie!" Lan's face flared up.

I backed away.

With that, just like Ming did with Abby, she grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me to the ground.

Me, no way. I was not that strong. It was Lan that pushed me. And she pushed me hard. I stood up slowly, holding my skinned knee.

"I thought we were friends, Lan! I thought you had a chance before. But now, I don't!" with that said, I turned my back towards her and ran off.

I was a coward. An absolute coward. I heard Ming congratulating Lan behind me and roaring. An giggled, and Jia laughed.

I was a failure.

Watch out for chapter 6 by Scarlet! :-)
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