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My Audition for Scarlet's Midnight School of Arts story
Zielle S.

Name: Kana Rodriguez
Age: 13
Race: Filipino
Relatives: Mrs. Rodriguez, Mr. Rodriguez, older brother, Isaac Rodriguez, twin sister, Kassy Rodriguez
Likes: Swimming, music, singing, baby-sitting, gardening, animals.
Dislikes: Bull Terriors, worms, Donna Gittler, (class mate)
Personality: Pretty. Calm, brave. Popular. Kind.

I was the steady sort, and people admired me for it. But through my bravery I found myself breathing in and out deeply. That was my name!

Kassy, my twin sister patted me on the back. "Good luck!"
I grinned.

"Hello, what is your name, how old are you, and what will you be singing?" The judge asked, tipping his spectacles further down his nose. The smile on his face reassured me, and I answered steadily.

"Hi. I'm thirteen years old. My name is Kana Rodriguez, and I'll be singing "Forgiveness" by Toby Mac." I held the mike a fair distance away from my mouth.

"Well, Kana, I wish you luck. Sing on!" The man leaned back in his chair.
I opened my mouth to sing. Kassy waved and bounced in her seat. I smiled. My voice became stronger at the chorus. I sung with passion, and I sung with feelings. Kassy was clapping quietly, even before the judges started. Then, a rain of claps showered down around me, and she I was sure Kassy clapped the loudest.

"Very good!" The judge smiled. "You did very well. You will receive the results next week. Thank you, Kana!"

"Thank you!" I whispered.
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