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Ages: 11-12
Zielle S.

If you didn't understand, here's an example. :)

It was a sunny day, no cloud in the sky. It was busy, and my best friend and I were having a good time at the fair. We were dizzy from the ferris wheel we rode, so we decided to go on the...

Ferris wheel. "Let's see how long the ride is!" said Penny. "Okay!" said Jenny, and they hopped onto the seat, and started timing with their watches. "One, two, three…" they chanted, until they reached the top of the ferris wheel, when they got scared of heights, and dropped their popcorn onto the ground far below, and hugged each other tight. "Let us down! Let us down!" they cried, and the ferris wheel must have listened because they slowly made their way back down. Relieved, they hopped off and decided to eat…

"How about some grilled potato on sticks?" Rachel, my friend asked.
I ran up too where she was standing. Soon, we were sitting down happily.
Suddenly, a scream came from over the play grounds. I looked up.
Rachel wiped her mouth and jumped up. The ferris wheel had loosened, and was rolling slowly towards a art stand!
What would happen then??

Well what happened then was they hopped in the car, and decided to go for a random drive to Melbourne. All the way there, they sang silly songs, and laughed till they cried. "This is the best random drive ever!!" exclaimed Penny. "I agree!" said Jenny. Then they stopped by the petrol station near Watergardens and they bought Ferrorochers and a packet of ranch corn chips. "Yum!!" they said, and stuffed themselves with the junk food till they were full.
Soon they got tired, and so they…

decided to see what was on the other side of the fair. After four minutes of walking, they reached a stand. You had to pull the lever to win a prize. I grinned at Rachel.
"Wanna have a go?"
We hurried over to the stand, and see what prize we got!

The prize was a baby hippopotamus and a lifetime supply of Doritos! "I just have to have a go at this, so my friends can hear my huppobottomus ROOAAR in the playground at school!" said… uuhhh… Let's call her Brucella. She stepped up to the stand and, with the help of a bucket of dark red jelly and an inflatable ostrich, she did what was needed to be done to get that prize!

It was all very exciting until the helper climbed up onto the roof of the stand and pushed their prize down on top of them without warning. The bags of Doritos covered them up so much that they couldn't see anything. Then <THUMP> the hippo landed on top of them - squashing them and the bags of Doritos!!

The popping sounds by the bursting of the Dorito bags startled the hippo to such a fright that he bounced off into the distance like a kangaroo, crashing through other stands and crowds of people on his way out, while barking like a giraffe! What chaos!! The girls slowly picked themselves up from the ground and dusted off their clothes, when the man standing on the roof of the stand said "Sorry about that! The boss said you were on the other side of the stand."

Brucella said
"I was actually on the OTHER other side of the stand, near the hotdog and pie stand. I was in my element there! I ate and ate and ate until I felt I was going to have a heart attack." Jenny and Penny just shook their heads at her, saying she needed to go on the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. Brucella agreed, they linked arms and went to watch the soccer together, three happy friends!

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