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Can Covers Tell the Whole Story?
Zielle S.

"You can't judge a book/movie by it's cover."

Have you ever had the feeling that you think a movie might be boring, just by looking at the cover? Or you think it's silly? Maybe you might think it's scary, or too childish.
I've felt that lots of times. Really, you're not the only one.

Sometimes I get pretty annoyed at myself for whinging and whining because I think a movie will be silly, or boring. Then at the end I find myself talking about how great the movie was!

Sometimes I don't judge a book by it's cover, but by skimming through and seeing lots of boring bits. But that's just bits and pieces! But when my Mom tells me to get back there and read, I get so stuck in the book, engrossed in all the excitement and adventure. I could only see boring bits when I skimmed through. Then I'm grateful my Mom made me read. :)

I love books, but most of the time I just skim through a book, then put it down. But I'm proud of my accomplishment; not to boast though. Yesterday night I finished two books, and today I finished one. Everyone (almost) knows that when I sit down to read a book, I never get up till it's finished. I'm guessing I got it from my Mom. :)
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