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Ages: 11-12
The Club Named S.H.A.N.D.S - 1
Zielle S.

"Alright guys!" I, Leslie Stringer slammed my hand over the table, yelling above the three people din.

Jo pulled a chair over to the table and sat down, note-book in hand.

My twin brother and my good friend, Wayne sat near me, ready to help if I needed it.

Belle came over too.

I began with what we were going to do the next day, just to be prepared. "Tomorrow is money collection day, and we're also going to be baking for Mr. and Mrs. Foster. "

Wayne said the rest. "Today, we are going into town to get some presents for Rachel. She has the measles you know."

Jo spoke up excitedly. "Secretly?"

"Yeah, if you want." I passed out papers for them to write votes. "Vote on it."

In a few seconds all four cards lay on the table.

"Why do we have to have papers? Why can't we just say it from our heads?" Jo asked randomly.

Belle answered. "It's just fun, I guess." She shrugged.

Wayne swiped up the cards and read them. "Secretly."

We all knew Rachel liked to draw, so we headed over to the art store. I bought her a pack of pastel crayons, Wayne a note-pad, Belle some paint, and Jo paint-brushes.

The only problem was, I didn't know how to give it secretly. The post office in town didn't send it to places that near, and it seemed Rachel had a window in every wall in the house. I'd just have to ask the group. Maybe they'd have an idea.
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