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Ages: 11-12
Rosy Rose and the Rose's Secret - 2
Zielle S.

"Where?" Miss Adelaide urged.

"On the streets." I admitted, rubbing my arm. It was worse on the streets than it was in this school for girls. There you didn't get food, except probably a dry crust. Here, I got good food. There you slept on the hard, cold ground with no blanket. At least here I had the attic bed. And what's worse, I got taunted, and hit all the time. It was a place no one wanted to be.

"Yes, that's right. Now, did I leave you on the streets or did I take you in, even though you had not a single penny?

"Yes. You took me in." I hated these kinds of interrogations.

"Right. And you can repay me, by doing what I say, be respectful, and work. Serve my students. It's the only way, Rosy." Miss Adelaide stood up and clattered back to teaching. "Oh, and after class, be sure to get the fires in their rooms up and going! I want it warm for them when they do their home-work."

I slapped my forehead. I had to control myself. One more wrong move, and I would be back in the dirt.

I left the room and after I fixed the beds, I went back to scrubbing the floor.
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