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Ages: 11-12
Rosy Rose and the Rose's Secret
Zielle S.

"ROSY!" A screech sounded from the bedroom up the hall. "GET OVER HERE! NOW!"

I groaned. "What is it, Rach?" I leaped up from scrubbing the floor and hurried to her room.

"You're late." Rachel blocked the door.

I wanted to say, "I can be as late as I want," But I kept my mouth shut. Suddenly, my lips slipped and I blurted out the exact words I hoped not to say.

"What?!" Rachel stuck her face in mine. "You'll be as early as I want you to be."

I nodded. "Sorry."

"To late to be sorry!" Rachel taunted. "Miss Adelaide!"

A half yell, half scream, sounded from another room, and I heard clattering high heeled footsteps coming closer. I bit my lip.

"Rosy! How dare you disturb me in the middle of class?" A thin tall looking woman marched up to me.

"I called you," Rachel retorted, sticking her bushy hair behind her ears. "By the way, homeless, I don't have school cause I'm Miss Adelaide's best student."

"OH! My darling! I'm so sorry," she pushed past me and hugged Rachel. "Now. What was Rosy doing to you?"

"Sassy." Was all she said.

Miss Adelaide got the whole message grabbed my arm. I rolled my eyes. "I want to talk to you, Rosy." Her voice softened.

"Yes, Miss Adelaide." I followed her to her office.

"Say you weren't here, where would you be?" Miss Adelaide lisped out the interrogation.

My face grew pale. 'Please no!' I thought.
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