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Just Like Lisa - Chapter 3 FINAL CHAPTER
Zielle S.

I waited impatiently for 5:00 to arrive, and finally, after what seemed like days, I found myself walking, fancy, towards Lisa's house.

"Hi." Almost everybody in school was there. Well, not everybody, Claire wasn't there.

I was having so much fun, when suddenly, "Ash!!" I zoomed around.

"Claire!" I whispered a growl. "What'cha doin' here?"

"You gotta' help me.

My eyebrows narrowed.

A few kids, Dalia in the lead, ran up to Claire.

"We know a secret, we know a secret." Dalia pushed through the crowd. "Quiet everyone!" She yelled. "I have a secret about Claire!"

Everyone incuding me, crowded round. "Well, this might be fun." Lisa grinned.

Dalia continued. "Guess what! Claire made fun of Ashley's make-up and hair-do! She said it's goofy. She asked who would wear something like that. Claire doesn't deserve to have friends. She made fun of the most popular girl in school, Lisa!"

Everyone was mumering. People made mean remarks about Claire, and bruhed passed her.

Lisa walked up to her and pushed her. She curled her fingers into a fist, and pulled her arm back.

"Wait." I stood infront of Claire. "What are you doing? Stop hurting my friend."

"Well well." Her fist loosened and dropped at her side. "Don't be such a goody tushos. She's weird. If you're gonna be a jerk, just leave my party."

"I thought you liked me for who I was!" I cried. "You just liked me becase I was like you, and everyone else. I remember I told Claire to be honest about my make-up, and she was. She was just watching out for me. She liked me for who I was. Just leave her alone."

The crowd murmuered again. A girl spoke up. "I never really liked this goofy make-up anyway. It just wasn't me. I just wanted to be popular."

"Yeah! Me too!

I grinned.

The next day at school I wasn't too surprised to see Lisa all alone, except for her friends, Cassy and Gabbie.

I turned to my best friend and squeezed her hand. "Thank you for loving me the way I am." I whispered.

"I'm sorry." Claire answered.

"Me too." I hugged her.

"Now, let's go try and cheer Lisa up.

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