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Ages: 11-12
Just Like Lisa - Chapter 2
Zielle S.

"But Ashley! Wait! I'm sorry!" Claire had called. But I had kept on going. I left her in the dust. But, on the other hand, she deserved it. But I didn't know that Dalia was up to something. Something I knew neither Claire, or I, would enjoy.

It was 7:30 in the morning when I went to see Claire, and now it's 7:45, fifteen minutes till schooll starts. I didn't have time to change my hair-do or wash of the make-up, so I went to school in my uniform, and that.

I was surprised to see all eyes on me, as I entered the school yard. I looked around, and saw who I was looking for. Claire sat under the maple tree, all alone. She spotted me, and was ready to head over, when I gave her the look that said; "Forget it. You blew it."

I pushed my way through the crowd, only to bump into Lisa and her friends. "Well, hi shri-" She stopped at the 'shrimp' bit. "What did you do with your hair?"

"What? Y-you don't like it?" I gaped.

"What, are you crazy, or somethin'? I love it! Except, it's just too; me." Lisa patted me on the back. "I like the make-up."

I grinned. "I wanted to ask, how do you become popular?"

"You already are. Look!

I gazed at all the kids wanting to talk to us, and crowding around us. "This is great!" I thought. Before, when I was 'simple' I wasn't popular. Everyone ignored me.

I looked at Claire. Served her right she wasn't popular.


"Hi Cassy." I jogged over to one of Lisa's friends.

"You comin' tonight at 5:00?" She asked.


"Lisa. She's having a party. You're invited.

"Swell! Invited to a party. And, by the most popular girl in school!" I thought excitedly. I nodded. "I'll be there."
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