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Ages: 11-12
Just Like Lisa - Chapter 1
Zielle S.

"Well? How do I look?" I smeared red chap-stick on my lips, added blush to my face, and posed, hands on hips.
Lilly, my sister made a face. "You look, --- different."

I sighed. "That's what it's supposed to look like." I let my arms fall to the side. "I'll go ask someone who'll give me a proper answer." I reached for some sunny's and slipped them on my eyes. I glanced in the mirror. "Nah." I too them back off again. "They'll hide my make-up." I gave one last touch and left.

I knocked on my best friends door, waiting impatiently. "Claire?"

"Oh hi-" Claire paused. "Are you who I think you are?"

"Who dyo' think I am?" I giggled.

"Uhm..." She waved her hands in the air. She shrugged. "Are you- new? You look..."

"It's me, Ashley!'' I interuppted excitedly.

"Ash? What did you do with yourself? And what's with that goofy hair-do?" Claire shut the door behind me.

I groaned. "Ugh!!" I calmed down. "How do I look?"

"Want me to be honest?" Claire laughed.
I nodded.

"It's goofy. The cothes are-" She didn't finish. "And the hair! And your make-up's thick. Who'd wanna dress like that?" The words stung me.

"Well! Lisa would!" I cried angrily.

"Lisa? Why are you dressing like Lisa?

"What a friend." I opened the door and stomped out. "I thought you'd at least compliment me!"

"But Ashley! Wait! I'm sorry!" She ran after me, but I took off.

"Woa."A voice sounded.

"Dalia!" Claire yelled, "Ok! What'd you hear?"

Dalia smirkqed. "Everything, Claire, everything."
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