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Ages: 11-12
The Lost Woods - Chapter 1 #2
Zielle S.

"Nobody likes you!

"You're weird!

"It's dumb to believe such a stupid thing.

"It never happened dummy!

Taunting voices rained on me, and around me.
I sat under the big oak tree chewing numbly into my ham sandwich.
"Get lost." I growled.

A red head stepped from the crowd and walked up to me.
Without a word, she plucked the sandwich from my hand, dropped it, and stepped on it. "That's what happens to losers." She grinned. Purple and blue makeup stung her eyes.

I leaped up from my place and pushed her back angrily. "I'd make your eyes blacker than they are right now if I was allowed to!" I yelled.

Tanya gave a fake scared stepback and screwed up her face. She turned to the crowd. "Oh no! The legend believer will make my eyes black and blue-"

"They already are, Tanya!" I gave her a taunt in return.

Tanya hated being interrupted, and she hated being teased about her make-up. Especially by me. "Don't interrupt me loser." She stuck her face in mine. She was about to give me a punch in the stomach, when she cleared her throat, looked back, and saw all the kids looking around, waiting for her ending taunt.

"Black and blue." She continued, turning back, "Maybe Yerica will send monsters from her legend to eat us up! Oh no! Run for your lives!" She turned to me again. "Not a chance."

The crowd roared with laughter, and left their stomachs bulging.
Tanya turned and clattered of with her high heels tapping on the ground.

My stomach felt sick. I couldn't believe I stood up to Tanya! I stared at my squished sandwich on the ground.
"Ewww!" I whined in a girly way. I picked it up wrapped it in a plastic bag and stuffed it in my lunch box.

A girl walked passed me, she hadn't been included in the taunting.
"Hey! Rosetta, where did you get that book?" I asked, pointing to a book in her hands, Legend of the Lost Woods.

Rose bit into her apple. "Library. There's another copy if you want one."

"Thanks." I pulled my backpack on and hurried towards the library.

"Excuse me!" I hurried after a library worker.

"Yes?" The lady pushed her glasses up her nose.

"Could you please tell me where the book Legend of the Lost Woods is?" I asked.

"Of course. This way. You're lucky, last one in store." She led me to the legend section and pulled out a black book with gold lettering.


"Anytime." The lady walked off and I sat in one of the chairs.

Opening the book to a random place, it read, "No one knows for certain this legend is not true."

I slammed it shut.

"Uh uh! Careful with the books…valuable. Very valuable." the lady warned me.

"Oh. Sorry. Found something." I walked over to the counter and pulled out my mom's library card. "How long can I keep this book?"

"Uhm lets see." The man at the counter took the book and scanned it over. "Three weeks. If that's not enough, come back and renew it."

"Ok, thanks." I handed him the card. He scanned again and soon I was walking home, my eyes fixed on the words. Page after page turned, when suddenly, "Ree!" Dave, my bouncy younger brother greeted me. I was home.

Maybe Mom and Dad wouldn't think I was crazy.
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