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Ages: 11-12
"Abby's Mistake" - Chapter 1
Zielle S.

Susie groaned. "Why would Lan do that to her? They've been BBF's for ages." She thought. But what she didn't know was she was also scared. Why? Their friendships could be lost. And after the promise they gave? She wasn't about to break hers.

"Lan!" Susie dashed after the four girls.

"What is it?" Lan answered coldly.

"Didn't you see what you did to Abby?" Susie asked.

She shrugged. "I have to go. See' ya."

"But Lan!" Susie reached out.

One of the Asian girls stopped her. "Didn't you hear her? She has to go."

Lan turned away. She looked much different than before. She wore sparkly shoes, make-up, and she was more snobby than she could remember.

If she couldn't make it to Lan, maybe she could make it to me. So, she figured out I was in my apartment, and soon she was standing by my bed.

I lay on the bed, crying.

"Abby?" Susie put her hand on my shoulder. "This isn't the first time I've seen Lan like that. She's been ignoring me too. It's-it's her new friends."

"Why didn't you tell me in the letters?" I sat up in a flash and found myself yelling at Susie.

Susie backed off. "I'm sorry! I know I should of but I didn't want you to worry."

"And wait for me to see it with my own eyes?" My eyes blurred. "Just get out Susie." I whispered. "Get out."

Susie bit her lip. "I-I-" She opened the door and dashed out.

I looked on. "Serves her right." I grimaced, but I knew it wasn't her fault.
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