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Ages: 11-12
The Stolen Bunnies
Zielle S.

I shuddered. I wrapped my blanket around me tight. "Mom? Dad?" I whispered, biting my lip. Suddenly, a loud bang startled me. Bah…it was nothing. I snuggled back under the covers. I lay wide awake, remembering the noises I had heard the shuffling, the banging...I smacked my forehead.

"C'mon, Lina, stop being a scaredy cat." I groaned. My hair lay tangled across my face. "There's nothing out there except-except-except a big hairy monster!" I let out a scream, "Yikes!!" I dived to the foot of the bed.

The light switched on. "Lina!" It was my sister. She shuffled over to my bed. "Will you please stop screaming? My hair is standing up!" Her eyes were filled with disturbed sleep.

"I only screamed once." I retorted, crawling to the top of my bed.

"G'night." Leslie grinned.

"Ugh-night." I mumbled. I plopped my pillow over my head.

Leslie sighed and shut the door behind her. I closed my eyes. I still couldn't sleep.
The crickets chirped. That was enough. I was a curios girl.
I jumped out of bed and wrapped my shawl around me. Hurrying to the window, I pulled up the shades. "Hey!" I called. "Who's out there?"

Leslie must of thought I was just imagining, so all I got was a loud thump on my wall.
I saw a shadow try to run away with my rabbit and cage in his arms, but in his hurry, toppled over another cage.

"Flopsy!" I cried. The shadow gave one quick glance at the window and hurried of.
"Mom! Dad! Someone's got one of my rabbits! Hurry! Quick! Come!" Whoever was stealing my rabbits wasn't very good at being quiet.

I yanked down the shades. "What is it dear?" Mom and Dad hurried in.

"Mom, someone's got my rabbit!" I cried again. "I saw!"

"Nonsense." Mom scoffed. "Who would want a rabbit, Lina?"

Dad looked at Mom. "I'll check." He grabbed a flashlight and hurried out the door.

I waited. Finally, he came in. "Well Dad?" Leslie joined in. "Did he take MY rabbit?"

Dad sighed. "He took Flopsy, Mittens and Bunn, Lina."

"WHAT??" I yelled. "No." I got my guts back and looked at Dad. "Dad, whoever that person is, I'm gonna find him. He's not gonna get away with my bunnies."

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