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FaithWriters Family Devo
Zielle S.

1. Why Does Faith/Trust Come First?
- Without trusting it is impossible to be well pleasing to God.
But God will keep showing His power, and will keep helping and loving everyone.

2. Things That Faith is Not
- Faith is not unassailable.
- Faith isn't present.
- Faith is not blind.
- Faith is not perfect. We keep growing in our faith. :D

3. Faith
- Faith produces fruit.
- Faith is the basis of what we believe.
- Faith brings blessings.
- God gives faith to you.
- Faith begins at home.
- Faith encourages and comforts.
- Our faith protects and guards us.
- Faith must be sincere.

Faith is also trusting your parents, even though you don't know their reason, or don't think it's a good reason.
Have you read the story about the two farmers?

There were two farmers. Each farmer had one daughter. (I'm just adding the two daughters :) )

There is a drought in the land, so the crops don't grow, and there is no rain.
So, both farmers go home and pray. They pray that God will send rain.
Both farmers hear God say; "Yes, I will send rain."

Farmer #1 sits back and waits with his daughter.

Farmer #2, gets his daughter, and says; "God has said that He will send rain. Come and help me plant the last of our seeds."

The daughter must of been like; "WHAT?? There's been a drought for a long time, why now?" That must have been the first answer.
The answer that shows she trusts God, and her Father, says; "Ok. I will help you."

So, they go out, and plant the seeds. It was not long before the rain came, and Farmer #2 had planted all the seeds.
Farmer #1 and his daughter went out in the rain and planted them there.

True faith is doing something about what God tells you.
Thanks for reading!

Luv, Zielle
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