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What Is A Friend?
Zielle S.

What is a friend?

- A friend is someone who sticks by you no matter what, and loves you for who you are.
Say everyone hated you, they thought you were weird, and dumb. But then someone came along and treats you like you matter. They treat you like you have talent. Wouldn't you consider that person a friend? I think I would.

- A friend is someone who wants what is best for you, and doesn't think of themselves instead.
Say you had to move because you weren't learning at your school. There aren't any other good schools where you are, so your family decides to move. You have a best friend, and although him/her loves you, and will miss you, they let you go, because they know you will learn more when you do. They do that because they want what is best for you, and they don't think of themselves. That's what I call, a friend.

- A friend is someone who is there when you need them.
You have a friend, and you are stuck on this section on one of your subjects. You can't think of anything to solve it. Then, your friend comes along, and asks you if you want to come and watch a movie with him/her and your other friends.
You want to, but you say you can't, because you have to finish your home-work, but is stuck on this one section.
Your friend says, "I'll help you." Even though him/her had been waiting so long to watch that movie, him/her helps you anyway. That is what I call a friend.

A friend is a wonderful person to have in your life. I thank God for all my friends. :)

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