Ages: 11-12
Zielle S.

General Awards

Best Make Your Own Adventure Story Writer
Summer Rose. I love how you make your readers want to read more. You leave them in suspense. :) Keep writing!

Best detail and explanation Writer
Woodland Aster. I love how you describe the sun, grapes, fairies, and everything else. Keep up the good work!

Kyla Fanstone. I also love how you describe your mystery stories too!
I am looking forward to reading the rest of your story, "The Chair". :) Keep it up!

Best poem writers
Hippichic1! I loved your poem, "Beautiful To Me" and "An Awesome God". Keep writing!

Best short story writers
Hippichic1! I know you won this award in the first awards, but anyway, I'd like to give it again.
I love your short stories. They are all exciting, and always have a lesson, or something funny in it. :) I lid your story "My God Story". Keep writing!

Best non-fiction writer
Hippichic1, Summer, Scarlet, and Koko.
You all write beautiful non-fiction stories. I hope you write more!

Best Fiction writer
Zielle, Woodland Aster.

Best romance writer
Summer Rose! I don't really like romance, but if I did, you are good at writing it. :) Great job!

Best mystery writers
Kyla Fanstone. I love your mysteries. You have brilliant talent. Even a short story mystery, it has a exciting mystery to it. They are also funny. :) Keep it up!

Best Nature Writers/animals
Woodland Aster!! You describe them wonderfully. You have a way of writing with animals and nature. I love your story, "The Land of Mistella", and "Tabby Cat". :) Keep writing!

Best chapter-story writers
KokoDownUnder, Hippichic1, and Summer Rose.

Koko: I enjoyed all your chapter stories. Your stories were the first ones I read. I especially liked your story "Sister to Sister" keep on writing!

Hippi: I loved your story "The First Friend". I hope you write more like it! It's wonderful! Keep writing. :)

Summer: I am enjoying your story "Perfect Landing", and I like "Gifted Hill" also. Good job! Keep it up. :)

Congratulations everyone!

Love, Zielle
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Heavenly Daughter   
Zielle S.   The Best!
Zielle S.   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
Summer Rodriguez   
Woodland Aster   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
Woodland Aster   Wow!
Dude Awesome11   Better Than the Best -Awesome!



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