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My Entry For Woodland Aster's Make Your Own Adventure Contest - **Zielle**
Zielle S.


Your name is Angelica Angel Mingonette. And you are a Princess.
Everyone adores you, people fuss over you, you live fantastically, you dress pretty, but there's one problem.
You don't want to be a princess! Not because of that, but because everyone thinks you are weird.

You're getting tired of it. You want to live differently.

There is a royal girl in the kingdom, Ann Renaldi, who hates you. Not only her, but her, and her gang.

They try not to show it, but you know.

Part 1:

One day, you are hurrying to your room to prepare for a ball, when you come across Ann and her friends.

They greet you, and smile.

Just as you leave, you over hear them giggling. Over you.
They say you are weird. You hurry away.

The next day, Ann comes up to you.

"Princess Angelica, may I speak to you?" she asks.

I nod. "Ok. What is it?"

"I've lost one of my gems for my bracelet, and I need you to find it. Uh- with your consent, of course. I think someone has stolen it." She tried to look serious.

You cringe. What? No. You bite your lip.
You know she knows you are good at solving mysteries. Why should you help her?

"If you help me, I will help you get out of the palace, to try a new life, for one whole week." She bribes you. She flips her red hair over her shoulder, smiling.

You gulp. You want out. You at least want to try it. But what if she's tricking you? Your father and mother will be worried.

If you help her, and get out for a week - green smiley

If you let her find it herself, and stay, to get her back. You know she wants to get away from you for at least a week. - clapping smiley

Sorry the start is a bit like Scarlets! Thank for reading :)
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