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Ages: 11-12
"Dear Abby..." Chapter 16: Abby
Zielle S.


I was in my apartment, sitting on my chair in my room.
I reached over and shut the window.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was my Mom. She had come on the trip with me.

"Yeah?" I grabbed my book from the bed and pretended to read. I didn't want Mom to know something was wrong.

"Abby's out there to see you!" Mom smiled.

I sighed. "Ok." I slapped my book on the bed.

Mom left, and Abby entered.

"Hi." She said quietly, not looking up.

"Hi." I answered.

There was quiet for a while. Abby broke it.
"I think you should forgive her. It's the right thing to do."

"I know. I should be telling you that. I'm older." I didn't look at her eye to eye either.
Should I say sorry? I thought.


Where is the sorry? Why won't she admit I'm right??

I sighed. "And uh-"

Lan looked up.


C'mon, say it! You said you liked me better in letters! YOU said I was rude!!


I still couldn't believe her.


Why would she do this to me? I mean it's my leg.


"I think-

"Yeah yeah. Why is it always, "you think?" I think you should listen to Susie. I think you should forgive her." Lan said in a sassy voice. I gulped.

"Look. Ok? I messed up. But I think you should give Susie a chance!" I was now looking eye to eye with Lan.

"A chance?? You don't know how many times I've given her a chance. You just don't know Abby." Lan was raising her voice.

I was getting angry. "Lan, I would rather be Susie's friend than yours, if you don't know how to forgive!!!!" I clamped my hand over my mouth. Did I just say that? I asked myself again. I loved Lan! She was my friend!

Lan was in tears. She just wanted to get up and run off.

"Lan- I Lan! I'm sorry! I was wrong." I was almost crying.

"I was wrong too. I know its right to forgive her, but I hate Susie! She broke my leg, and possibly forever." Lan sobbed, falling into my arms.

I hugged her tight.
"I'm sorry." I said again.

I knew Susie was sorry. I was kind of hoping our friendship wouldn't be to good, because it was a possibility that we would never see each other again.
But right now, I didn't care, and I hugged her with all my might.

Find out what happens next, in chapter 17, by Scarlet! :)
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