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Ages: 11-12
"Dear Abby..." Chapter 14: Abby
Zielle S.

Susie's perspective:

I stared at Lan on the grass. Abby was kneeling down and rubbing her leg.
I stumbled back, everything was getting blurred. Memories came back and haunted me. I could see myself kneeling at my Mother's graveyard, seven years ago. I shook my head. Why was I still blaming people for it, and why was I still remembering it? It was seven years ago, Susie! What's wrong with you? At that, I turned around and walked away.


"Abby! I can't feel it!" Lan pushed my hand out of the way rubbed her leg hard.
"It's not working."

"I'll call a doctor. You stay here you'll be fine." I jumped up and hurried to the nearest doctors.

Soon, Lan and I were in the doctors office. He had told us something I guessed would ruin Abby's life forever.
She wouldn't be able to walk for a few months, or…or she would never be able to walk again.

A knock sounded from the door. I looked at Lan. She nodded.
"Come in!" I called. It was Susie. I was about yell at her when I saw something. Something in her eyes I hadn't seen since she had come. Compassion. Feeling.

Lan's face was getting red, and she glared at Susie. "What do you want? Get out."

"I- I- heard. I have to s-say something." Susie shuffled her feet. Her blue eyes darted across the room, like she wanted to hide, or run out.

"I don't want to listen to anything you have to say." Lan growled. i looked at Susie, then at Lan.

"Lan, I think you should hear this.
She sighed. "Ok."

"My mother died. i know I should let go, but I can't. I pushed you off the monkey bars because I didn't know anyone to blame about it, but you. I don't know why you, but I did. I felt really bad when you broke your leg. I thought you'd just sprain your ankle, or skin your knee. Not something that bad! I was gonna tell you, but when I heard it would heal in a fe weeks, I guessed it was ok, then I went of track. I'm sorry I hurt you. But I wanted to hold onto the feeling. I couldn't stop."

Lan turned away angrily.

"I know you think it's an excuse. I don't blame you. It was my fault, and I had a choice. Really, Lan, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I know you think it's all sudden, but I had to stop and tell you. When I was holding you, I remembered when my Mother died, and I knew I was wrong. Then, I just dropped you. I'm s-so sorry." Susie bit her lip, waiting for the reply.

I glanced at Lan. It was the right thing to do to forgive.

"Just get out Susie. Get out." And with that said, Susie turned and ran off.

Find out what happens next in chapter 15, by Scarlet!!
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