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Ages: 11-12
"Dear Abby..." Chapter 10: Abby
Zielle S.

YAY! Double digits!

For an asian girl, Lan Jin was actually pretty! Her black hair with a few natural curls hung up to her slim shoulders. Her brown hazel eyes sparkled in the US sun. Not like my blond hair and blue eyes. I had always longed for a dark feature on me.

I grabbed Lan by her arms. "Are you ok?" I asked. A red haired girl stood behind her smirking, arms folded. The girl who pushed her of the monkey bars.

Lan was a bit shaky, so I helped her to sit on a nearby bench.

"What do you want Susie? Leave me alone." Lan mumbled.
I felt she wanted to break her bones to, but couldn't.

If she couldn't , maybe I could do it for her! Nah. I hadn't got the brains, or nerves.
Instead, I told her off. I had quickly taken a liking to my pen pal.

"What do you think you're doing?!" I practically screamed. "First you break her leg, now you wanna break her other one?" I couldn't believe she was allowed to come after what she did. It wasn't even over two months yet!!

I wondered if this penpal visit was going to be a pleasant one, or not.

With that girl on the trip, I really had doubts. Oh well…I could try. Just try…

Try to live with her for ONE WHOLE MONTH. TRY to be nice to her.
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