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Ages: 11-12
The Tale of Tom Tiddle
Zielle S.

Little Tom Tiddle, was as small as a thimble, and the mice was twice as big.

He drank from a nutshell, and rang a little school bell. His hair was golden, and he loved the Holden's, and he wore little sandals on his feet.

One day, little Tom tiddle, as small as a thimble, was walking down the road. He met an old mouse, as big as a house, and looked up at it in fear! But he said, "Big mouse dear, please don't eat me, I don't want to end up meat." He said.

The big mouse stared, and still he stared, and then he said, "Hello, little Tom Tiddle, as small as a thimble, where are you headed so quick?"

And Tom Tiddle, who was going to school, said, "I'm gonna meet big cat, beside those grains , and his favorite meal, is mice that's drained!"

The big mouse thought, "Oh no, not cat, I don't want to end up bat. I'll hurry on, I'll go away, I'll leave little Tom alone." So the big mouse skipped, and then he tripped, and hurried of into the woods.

Little Tom Tiddle, as small as a thimble, walked to school in peace. But then right there, stood a big bear, but he tried not to show his fear.

The big bear roared, and then he opened his mouth, to eat poor Tom, but Tom said, "Big bear, big bear, as big as the world, I'm off to meet old magician strong, in the old city Not Wrong. His favorite food is, a roasted bear, that is! I'll just be going, if you don't want to stay, and have a meal with Magician strong."

But big bear trembled, and then he rumbled, and dashed of into the woods.

Then little Tom Tiddle, as small as thimble, was of to teach his class. He grinned to himself and whistled, what else? He said, "Who is Magician Strong?" He kicked up his heels, and rode some wheels, all the way to school.

So that's the tale of Little Tom Tiddle as small as a thimble, who didn't end up eaten. His little brain, it had some wits, and hadn't lost some bits.

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