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Report for KittyLove
Zielle S.

This is just a report for my entry on Summer's Kitty Love contest. It's not my title.
Here it is! Enjoy!


KittyLove is about a young girl, Alana Kin. All her brothers and sisters are grown up and working, and she's the only young girl under 16 in her family. She longs for company, and gets her parents permission to buy a kitten. But, there was a problem. She'd have to get it with her own money.

When she finds out she doesn't have enough money, she is very discouraged. She knows no one in town needed help with anything. On her way home, she sees her friend, old Mr. Corinoth mowing his lawn. She offers to help, for $5 and hour. It wasn't much, but if she did 2-3 hours a day, she'd have lots, and some to spare. So, with her parents permission, begins working for Mr. Corinoth.

Finally, the day comes, and she goes to the store to buy the kitten she loved. But when she gets there, she finds out that the kittens brother had come in, and she must choose whether to get them both, or separate them. She decides to get them both, and begins searching again for some way to earn money.

On her way home from school, a girl, Jamie Woodard asks her to write her essay for her, to enter in the schools assignment, for $20 dollars. Alana quickly agrees. She finishes her's, and Jamie's essay, and at the end of the week, they read their essay's in front of the class.

When it comes Jamie's turn, the teacher, Miss Prudence notices something. She calls Jamie to come into her office after school, and they have a talk. The day of the assignment, Jamie had told her she would be gone that day, and the day after. But, the date that Alana had accidentally put, was the day Jaime would be gone. Jamie lies about what Alana did, and Alana is called in. She confesses the whole thing by accident, and she must give the money back to Jamie, and Jamie must write another essay to enter.

Alana tells her parents about this, and instead of being angry with her, they are happy, happy she had told them. They offer to give her the money she needed, saying she deserved it, and had already worked hard for the girl kitten.

She buys the two kittens, and they immediately become best friends. That was what Alana called KittyLove.
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