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BFFF- Chapter 7 by Zielle
Zielle S.

Rose stared blankly at the picture. “So...Avril will get hurt if you show it to the other kids, or something?” She asked, puzzled.

“Oh, Hi Rose! Wher’ve you been?” Camilla asked.

“I’ve been lagging behind.

“Well, yes. See, she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s a brunette or has brown eyes. I’ve been seeing Avril most of my life, and I know.” Christi answered. “I have to go. Bye!” She turned back to her usual shyness zone, and shrugged her backpack further up her shoulders.

The girls raced after her. “Christi! Wait!” It was Katie-Rose. “There’s something us girls have been meaning to ask you.” Christi stopped. “Well, uh...will you join our BFFF club?” Camilla nodded excitedly.

“Well, what do you do?” Christi asked.

“We are just proud to call the people in our club friends. That’s what we do.” Violet cut in.

“And we also do things together, and look for new people to join!” Lily grinned.

“We’d love to have you in.” Rose and Lilac said together.

“Well, I’ll have to think about it...” Christi’s voice was shaky. “Uhm...uh bye!” When she was out of sight, she began to run. “YES! YAY! Wait till I go tell Mom! Uh...wait.” Christi turned around. “Hey, girls wait up! YES!!!! I’ll join!” She cried happily.

The BFFF’s looked at each other. “Meet us at my house tomorrow Christi!” Camilla yelled after her.

Someone was listening in on their conversation. “Well, well, so the dork has decided to join the sissy group. Well, they said they’ll do whatever I say, and let’s see if they’ll keep their promise.” Avril Viala said, who had been listening in all the way from the picture part.

Chapter 8 coming, written by, Summer! :)
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