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Ages: 11-12
Ella and the Necklace - Chapter 4
Zielle S.

I hung the necklace around my neck.

I couldn’t remember anything from when I was very little, but I knew one thing. I had to find out who my real Mother was.

Three hours passed and the clock county clock struck Seven ‘clock. I had already done my regular chores, so it was breakfast time. I had fitted the torn paper into the necklace.
I had forgotten one thing. The necklace. It still hung dangerously from my neck in clear sight.

The bells for breakfast began ringing and I leaped of the bed. I straitened my bow, and skipped two steps at a time.

I decided to do Cliora and Besilda first. And as I entered Mrs. Clementine’s room, I remembered. My necklace! I grasped at it and tore it of my neck.

But she caught me. “Ella! What have you got in your hands?” She demanded.

“Nothing.” I replied shakily.

“WHAT??? Give it to me Ella.

I had no choice. Slowly I opened up my hand. Slowly, I walked toward the bed. I hesitated. Should I give it to her? I thought. I had to. No. I wouldn’t. But, I had to, so I did.

“MY NECKLACE! “ She screeched.

“It’s not yours Mrs. Clementine!” I said quietly. “It’s mine! You’re not my Mother! And you’ll never be. I’m going to find who my REAL Mother is.” I carelessly slid the tray onto the table and walked out of the room. “Oh, Good morning Mrs. Clementine.”

She stared at me mouth wide open. "She knows. SHE KNOWS! We have to keep her from getting near the palace.” She leaped out of bed.

I dashed up the stairs sobbing. Why did I ever give my necklace to her?!
I slammed my bedroom door behind me and sobbed into the softness of my pillow. And at that moment, the door clicked.

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*~Koko Down Under~*   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
*~Koko Down Under~*   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
*~Koko Down Under~*   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
Woodland Aster   Better Than the Best -Awesome!



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