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Ages: 11-12
Ella and the Necklace - Chapter 3
Zielle S.

The next morning I woke up nice and early, even Mr. Rooster was still asleep in his cosy nest.

I stuck my head through my brown dress and fastened a white apron over the top. I tiptoed quietly down the attic stairs so as not to wake my family. I wanted to do my regular chores earlier so I would have more free time.

As I passed by my Mother and siblings rooms to dust the furniture, I heard voices. I stopped to listen. They weren’t usually up this early. Or, maybe they did, I just didn’t know.

Mother: “Ella must not know about her Mother. As long as we can, we must keep her from knowing about her. I promise you girls, one day, one of you will rule. You must keep Ella’s Mother a secret, and if any of you make a sound about it, you’re on Ella’s side! (Which meant they’d become worthless like me)”

Cliora: “Of course Mother! Ella is too stupid to know.”

Besilda: “Can we leave now Mother?” She whined.

Mother: “Yes. Remember, not a WORD!”

I gasped. What? Not my Mother? Who is it then? Who is my real Mother and Father?

I tiptoed away from the door and hurried up to my room. My time for room service had not come yet, so I decided to spend time thinking.

I snatched the paper and necklace out of the drawer, and clutched them tightly. “I’m sorry!” I cried. “I didn’t know!”

I opened up the paper carefully. “Oh no!” Half of it was torn by my rough handling of it.
But now, I knew that someone had really loved me, and I had to find out who that someone was. I just hoped they still loved me.

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*~Koko Down Under~*   Suprised Me!
*~Koko Down Under~*   Suprised Me!
*~Koko Down Under~*   Suprised Me!
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