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BFFF - Chapter 5 by Zielle
Zielle S.

Lilac knew Christi was afraid, but was also determined to show Avril she couldn't win. Lily clung onto her arm began to cry. "Christi c'mon, let's go!" She whimpered.

Avril took a step forward. Christi didn't move. Thoughts were racing through her head. "Should I make a run for it? This girl is pretty strong. Should I stay, and fight her? She can't win. She has to know she can't boss people around."

The girl holding her, which was Ashley Cole, tightened her grip on Christi's arms. Christi tried not to show it, but she winced.

Violet stepped forward. "Avril, I'm the one you wanted earlier today. If I had fought back, Christi wouldn't have to help me. It's my fault. Let her go!" She demanded angrily.

"And if I don't? You'll do what? Go and tell the teacher? Huh, miss cry baby?" Avril gave Violet a push. Christi was almost in tears by now, and Lilac couldn't bear to see it, so she stepped forward.

"That's right, we'll tell the teacher on you. Let her go Ashley Cole." She stood her ground firmly.

Ashley squeezed tighter. "I'll only tell Ash here to make it tighter. And your poor friend Christi will suffer. Do whatever we tell you to do, and we'll let you alone."

"What about the other kids, Avril?" Christi struggled to look eye to eye with her. "Will you leave them alone too?"

"Hmmm….Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to rely on that." Avril cackled evilly.

Christi hesitated. "No. Promise me you'll leave the other kids alone, and I'll do whatever you say."

"What dyo' mean "I"? Avril means all of you do what we say, or an absolute NO. No yes, no maybe. Just NO." Ruby threatened.

"Alright. We'll do it." Lilac agreed, realising they had no choice.

The girls nodded in unison. "Now let her go."

Avril nodded to Ash and she let Christi go roughly. Christi stumbled back and rubbed her sore arms. Then, she ran away. Well, only half way.

"Christi Brannen, you come back here this instant!" Avril screamed, stamping her foot.

Christi stopped. Slowly, she turned around, and came back. She wondered if this time, she could trust avail's final answer as a yes.

Find out what happens next, in Chapter 6, by MY BFFF PARTNER, Summer!
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