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Ella and the Necklace - Chapter 2
Zielle S.

I stared blankly at the word. Name in fact. Ella it said, in clear, very clear words. My name. So that’s why Mother wouldn’t let me see, or even touch it. I thought. I scrunched it up in my hand and stuffed it in my apron pocket. I would hold on to it a little longer than I thought.

The cellar door creaked open and the light shone through. “Ella!” It was Mother.

“Yes, Ma’am?” I answered.

“Hurry up with the cellar. I haven’t got all day, and I need you for other things to. Hurry.” She said coldly, letting the door bang behind her.

3 hours later, I was kneeling down and scrubbing the diamond floor in the big lounge.

“ELLA!!!!!!!!! AHH! ELLA!!!!!!!” A scream from the kitchen startled me. Leaping up, I dashed to the kitchen, to find Cliora, screaming and spitting, half lying, half sitting on the floor.

“Don’t just stand there, help me up!” She screamed, her arms flailing in the air.

I stood, my eyes wide open. I reached out and helped her up.

“Well, Ella!! What’ve you got to say for yourself?” She shook her finger in my face. I looked around, blushing. Besilda stood looking at me scornfully.

Finally, I regained my voice. “Well, I Cliora, you don’t think I did that!”

“Of course I do! Leaving this hateful wood in the middle of the floor for someone to trip on!” She continued. The basin of water had spilled on her beautiful dress.

Besilda snickered loudly. “But I didn’t put it there!” I pleaded. I was telling the truth.

“What dyo’ mean you didn’t put it there? Of course you did you liar!” Besilda stepped forward. “I saw her put it there Cliora. I knew that she knew you would be coming in here to get biscuits. Remember? Ella was there when you said you were gonna get them. Then she ran off. While you went, I needed to go to the bathroom. On my way there, I saw HER put it there.” She pointed at me.

“That’s not true!” I cried. I knew that if anything happened to either Cliora or Besilda, even something as simple as this, the one who was responsible would be severely punished. And if that was me, it would mean a day without supper, and more work. What was I gonna do? I already had a lot on my hands.

“Mother!” Cliora grabbed me by the shoulder and swung me around. Mother was on the other side of the house, so she couldn’t hear the commotion. But Eirene screamed the breath out of herself, and it made the hairs on my back stand up. “MOTHER!” She screamed again.

Mrs. Clementine came running. “Cliora! What’s the matter?” then she saw her dress. “Oh my! What happened? Who did this?” Besilda ran away, and I was left standing.

“This, this girl put a log in the middle of the path so I would trip!” Cliora pushed me forward. “Besilda saw her.” And she repeated exactly what her sister had told her.

“No! When I left, I went straight to washing the windows!”

She didn’t listen to me, she just continued. “You will skip supper. Oh, and help my daughter dress.”

I nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” That was ALL? Wasn’t there going to be more work, or something?

I finished all my work, and that night, I lay in bed, clutching my necklace in my hands. I opened it up. Inside was a white paper oval. It had some writing. I put it up to the light and read.

To my dearest Ella,
I love you very much. Don’t ever forget that.
Your loving Mother and Father

I shut it again. This was from Mother? I couldn’t believe it. Why would she tell me she loved me, and then just reject and treat me like I was not her own? I wouldn’t believe it. I wished she wasn’t my Mother. I tore the paper out of the necklace and crumpled it up. I put the paper in my drawer, beside the necklace. Besides, I had never met my father. But, I didn’t care. If this is the way Mother acts, this is the way my Father would’ve acted too. She lied to me, and I hate her. I’ll never call her Mother again.

Find out what happens next in chapter 3!
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