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Ella and the Necklace - Chapter 1
Zielle S.

“Good morning ma’am.” I smoothed back my dark curls with my free hand and placed a tray of freshly made tea, and some broth on a low table beside my mothers bed.

“Good morning Ella. Take the washing in the corner, and-you know what to do. I want it scrubbed thoroughly, and all the vegetables and fruits sorted. Dismissed.” She waved me out and took a sip of the hot tea.

I had finished with Cliora, and now for Besilda.
I greeted her “good morning”.

“As normal. No laundry.” Besilda ignored her greeting. “Oh- and Happy Birthday. I know you’ll just love your gift. It’s from Mother, Cliora, and me. I hope Mother told you.” She let of a roaring laugh.

“Yes, she did.” I answered. I left the room quietly.

Bucket in hand, I trudged down the cellar steps. With one hand, I unlatched and opened the door. Setting the bucket down, I struck a match and lit my lantern.

Scrubbing was the worst part, the sorting was okay. I bent down to sort a basket of mixed apples and pears. Suddenly, I spied a chain, just sticking out from between two apples. I picked it up.

“Mother’s necklace!” I cried. I reached wiped of the dust with my apron, but there was still a pack of dirt there. I dipped my scrubber into the water and scrubbed the dirt of. There was some printing on the front. I couldn’t quite make out what it said. I held it up to the lantern hanging from a hook. The word on the front nearly froze my heart.

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*~Koko Down Under~*   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
*~Koko Down Under~*   Better Than the Best -Awesome!
Woodland Aster   Better Than the Best -Awesome!



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