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Ella and the Necklace - About & back cover
Zielle S.

Ella’s life before was brilliant. Eating cakes, and dressing princessly. But a horrible day came, and she was forced to become a servant. While cleaning the cellar one day, Ella discovers her mistresses missing necklace. Find out, by reading the next Chapters. Ella and the Necklace.


Days had passed since the horrible day. I still remembered it. I wanted to forget it, but how could I, when it was still happening to me? It was on my birthday when I turned nine years old. I had been given the news that ruined my life forever.

“Ella! Come here, I want to talk to you.” A voice called from the study.

“Coming Mother!” I answered, jumping up and racing through the living room. “Yes?”

“I want to speak with you dear.” Mrs. Clementine talked in a soft soothing voice. I would never forget that deceiving sound in it. But I didn’t notice it till that day, just before my birthday party. Then it hit me. The cruel words pierced my heart like a sword. She told me I was worthless, and this one thing. She told me I was so worthless I was now a slave to my own home. And at that moment, I knew that this was not where I belonged. And I knew I had come from somewhere else. My own mother! How could she do this to me?

The days neared till my birthday. Most girls would have been very excited for the day I was about to experience, but I was not. I dreaded it. I hoped it would never come. My birthday.
Her two sisters, Cliora and Besilda, tried to make my birthday like I had never experienced it when I was younger.

Before, I saw my birthday as a ballooned filled house, the smell of a feast, and I saw myself as a princess in gallant clothes. But now, my birthday was filled with grief. You know what I got for my birthday? A day in cleaning the cellar. Cliora and Besilda knew I hated cleaning the cellar most, so, that’s exactly what I got, on my twelfth birthday.

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