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BFFF 3: Chapter 3 by- Zielle
Zielle S.

"Woah." Katie-Rose grinned sarcastically. "Violet, you mean to tell me Christi Brannen actually stood up to that bully? Are you sure it was Christi?"

"Of course. I never forget a face." Violet laughed. "Oh! Hi Hunter!" She smiled sweetly at him.

"Hi Violet. I was just looking for you." Hunter grinned back.


"I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

"Aw...that's so sweet. Thanks Hunter.

"I'll just leave you girls to your talk. I'll be in the shed if you need me. See ya'!" He offered.

"I know what you're thinking Katie." Lilac swung down from her perch in a tree, when Hunter had left. "I know. She is shy. She would make a nice friend."

"She's so nice!" Lily crooned.

"Hey! There she is! C'mon!" Violet pointed.

"Hi Christi! Uhm- thanks for helping me." Violet said.

"Aw- no problem. Hey, are you in the same grade as me? I'm in the sixth." Christi asked shyly. Her smooth reddish hair was tied in a neat pony tail. She shuffled her feet.

Camilla jumped with excitement. "Really? Wow! We're all in the sixth grade. I didn't see you in class! Where dyo' sit?"

For a while the girls chatted, including Christi. She seemed less shy than before. They were doing great, when Avril Viala and her friends stepped up.

"Hey, loser. Look." Avril shook her finger in Christi's face. "Don't you mess with me. I wish you stayed where you came from. Back off. I wanna finish of with that little loser there." She pointed her purple finger nails at Violet.

"Even if I listened to you back at VCC doesn't mean I have to listen to you now." Christi dropped her books and started eye to eye with Avril. "YOU back off. I'M not going anywhere. You can't tell me what to do anymore Avril."

Katie-Rose watched in awe. "Woah. This girl really has the nerves. Now I know what Violet was talking about." She thought.
"You know her from VCC Christi?" She asked out loud

Avril drew back in surprise, to our relief. But only for a while. She grabbed Christi by the arm and twisted it behind her back. "You do what I say loser. Or else."

Find out what happens in chapter 4, by Summer Rose!
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