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BFFF 3: Chapter 1 by- Zielle
Zielle S.

This is sorta' like Woodland Aster's one, except different. Like when they meet a new girl. :)

Violet flipped over a puzzle piece and gazed at it.

"Uh uh." Camilla shook her head. She reached for another piece and turned it over. "I think this goes here." She fitted it into a space on the puzzle. "Perfect!"

Camilla, Katie-Rose, Rose, Lily and Lilac all sat on Violet's bed. Reclining, sitting back comfortably, legs in the air.

"You're a natural at puzzles, Camilla. Have you done this one before?" Lilac commented.

"I'm not sure. I don't remember seeing it at home." Camilla swung her legs over the bed. "Thanks. We have a whole cupboard full of puzzles! I'm gonna get a drink of water. Anyone else want a glass?"


Camilla bounced of the bed. She entered the kitchen and grabbed the glasses. Just then, the door bell rang.

"I'll get it Mom!" Violet called from the room.

Camilla ran to the door. "Hey Violet! It's the girl next door!" She pulled open the door.

"Hi!" Camilla welcomed. "Christi, right? I heard about you."

"Hi. Uh…yeah. I just thought I might stop to get to know a few people a bit more. I thought I'd start with the closest ones." Christi smiled.

"Come on in!" By this time all the girls were downstairs. "I guess we weren't being pretty friendly and all. Sorry. We should've been the ones to come and welcome you. Do you know anyone at all?"

"No, it's ok. No, not really."

Katie-rose introduced herself first. "Hello! Pleased to meet you! I'm Katie-Rose. But you can call me Katie."

All the girls welcomed her.

That night, all of the Flower Friends lay in bed with one thought, was Christi Brannen a new addition to their BFFF group?

Find out by reading the next chapters!
Chapter 2 will come by the Brilliant Summer Rose!

Hi Summer! I hope you liked it. I hope there was not to much talking.
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