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My Entry For Eagle Writer's Nature Contest -- Zielle Write 9
Zielle S.

Hi, this is my entry for Eagle Writer’s Nature contest. I hope you all like it!

The sun was bright. The trees were green. The clouds were white, the sky was blue. The birds sang, the ducks quacked. The river shone, and the reeds swayed.

On the bank of Plum Creek sat a little boy. All alone. His legs swam in the water, and his blue pant legs were rolled up to his knees. That was Tommy. He loved the outdoors. He loved the cool breeze, the singing nature, the cool water, and the birds.

But today, he sat sadly on the bank. His slim little arms were propped under his freckled chin. It was a beautiful day, but not beautiful enough for little Tommy. He was no ordinary little boy. I mean, he is, but, he is a King! You may think, “He is very young to be a King”! As a matter of fact, you are right. The little lad was only eight years old. But no doubt about it, he was King! King of Nature.

I wondered why he was sad. So, I came over to him and sat down.

“Tommy?” I asked. “Why are you sad?”

Tommy looked at me there. I was perched on his shoulder. My wings were a light sparkling blue. Tommy’s face was a sort of crestfallen gray, just what a King’s face would look like when he lost his Kingdom.

“Oh nothing.” Tommy looked away. I could tell something was wrong. I flew down and sat on his finger. Tommy was not himself today. He was usually happy, and playful, playing with all the chipmunks.

I looked at him in a way...

“Alright... as your King, Blue Jay, I feel it is my responsibility to care for all of you, and protect you from rot, and weeds.” Tommy sniffled.

“I guess I’m not acting pretty Kingly right now, am I Blue Jay? Cryin’ like I am.”

“It’s ok.” I flew up to his cheek and tried to wipe away the little drops of tears from his eyes.

“You are a good King.” I comforted. “It is ok to cry, Tommy! You are still a little boy, and little boys cry sometimes don’t they? You still have a Mommy to go to when you are feeling down, like we go to you when we need help! It just so happened that Father Nature chose you as our King because you were kind and gentle to Nature, Tommy. ”

“Oh, it’s not that...It’s Father Nature. He hasn’t visited me in almost five months! I don’t think he is pleased with what I am doing.”

I smiled. “I—“

“Please just go, Blue Jay.” Tommy turned away and gently nudged me of his shoulder. I nodded. I let my wing drag across his shoulder as I left .

Just as I did, a colour filled Nature Butterfly passed. “Your Highness! Tommy! Father Nature is coming! Father Nature is coming!”

The butterfly panted and flew past. She screamed the same thing to all the flowers and birds and trees, and hills. The flowers formed a path for Him and bent low their heads. Tommy leaped up, and ran to the flowers.

“He—You mean Father Nature is here?” Tommy cried happily. Then his face fell. His body shook and he took his place beside the lilacs.

“Yes Your Highness Tommy, the—“

They were cut off. A bright light shone ahead. And Father Nature appeared. He motioned for Tommy, and the two walked through the path. His white gown flowed, his face shone with kindness, and love. He smiled and waved.

“I am pleased with you King Tommy! You have proved yourself caring, trustworthy, truthful, protecting, and most of all, you love Nature. I am well pleased.” Father Nature kissed Tommy on the forehead, bade farewell, and in a flash, was gone.

“He said he was pleased with me!” Tommy cried.

“Hurray for our King Nature!” All the Nature cheered.

A baby chipmunk rubbed its head against the little King’s leg. “I love you King Tommy!” it whispered.

The trees cheered. And they all bowed to their loving, and caring King Nature.

Tommy was very happy. That was the first time Father Nature had told him what he was told.

One day, the sun was bright. The trees were green. The clouds were white, the sky was blue. The birds sang, the ducks quacked. The river shone, and the reeds swayed.

A little boy sat playing with a chipmunk. Butterfly’s flitted around him. The animals crowded around the little boy. He was nine years old, and he was king. King Nature.

But I wasn't there. I was with Tommy. But that, you will find out later.

A butterfly skidded to a stop beside him. “Your highness! Johnny! Father Nature is here! Father Nature is here!” She screamed it over and over again as she zoomed past. She took her place beside the rest of the butterflies.

Again, the lilacs formed a path.

Little Johnny shook. He stood beside the lilacs and held his head high.

A light shone, and Father Nature appeared. And do you know what he said? He said, “Johnny, you have proved yourself trustworthy, caring, truthful, protecting, and most of all, you love nature! I am well pleased with you my son!” said Tommy, Father Nature. I was there, with him, my chest puffed out proudly.

That was the story of how I became Father Nature's helper. Well...I mean, it was the story about how Tommy became Father Nature!

I hope you enjoyed it!

I have 6+ words in this. I hope that is alright Eagle Writer. :)
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Zielle S.   



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