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Zielle S.

I was sad. Very sad. Why in the world would my best friend go off with Mia, just to ignore me?

Kyra, looked around to see if anyone could hear what they were saying. Then she and Mia got up and headed for the store.

My face turned red. I was sure the tears threatening to spill would come any moment now. My best friend! It was my birthday. She had forgotten all about my birthday.

“It’s all over now Jas. Why not try a new friend?” A voice said.

“I think you are jumping to conclusions.” Another argued.

“Of course its all over.” The first voice hissed.

I ignored both voices. If Kyra was my friend, she wouldn’t ignore me.

“I still think you should reason things out Kyra and Mia.”

“The second voice said. Ignore Mia and Kyra then they’ll be sorry.” The first voice objected.

Reason it out. I kept thinking about the voice that said that. I couldn’t reason it out. Friday was my birthday. I almost let a tear out, but wiped it away.

As soon as I reached home, I tossed my bag on the floor and tiptoed to my room so as not to wake the baby. Shutting the door, with all my twelve year old strength, I flung myself on the bed and let the tears flow.

Small feet pitter pattered on the tiled floor outside my room and the door flung open.

A bouncy figure leaped on the bed beside me.

“Hi Jasy!” Lea squealed. Using her annoying nickname for my name, Jasmine.

“Go way!” I nudged her of the bed.

Lea’s lower lip pushed out and she hurried out of the room.

I was being mean. It wasn’t her fault they were ignoring me. “Lea!” I called after her. “I’m sorry. I just had a terrible day today ok? Just please leave me alone.”

Lea was an understanding little sister, and she smiled and left the room.

The next day went slow.

I approached Kyra and Mia. The two were sitting on the logs side by side talking in between their lunch.

“Hi Kyra!” I called in my calmest voice.

Krya turned. She smiled. “Oh! Hi Jas.”

“Hi Jasmine.” Mia returned.

I couldn’t contain myself. I had cried myself to sleep last night, and I found myself crying.

Before anyone could say anything, I turned and ran off. I had made a fool of myself in front of Kyra. I couldn’t go back.

“Jasmine! Wait up!” Kyra cried.

I ran on. “She probably thinks...” Mia stopped. “Do you think we should tell her? She’s pretty upset. I feel sorry for her.”

“No. Let’s wait till the party.” Kyra replied.

My birthday neared. But my gloom grew bigger every minute, and I hardly talked. Kyra and I had been friends for six years now, and she just ran off. With Mia. I would have loved to be friends with them both, but they both just ignored me.

On Thursday evening, the doorbell rang. I answered it. No one was there. A sticky note was stuck to the door. I pulled it off.

“Dear Jasmine. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I am sorry for ignoring you. If you come over to my place tomorrow morning, we can reason things out.”

“What misunderstanding?” I thought. I wasn’t about to reason things out. I would just make a fool of myself. It was a trick. “When I come, they’ll just ignore me all over again.” I said outloud.

But the first voice kept calling, “Reason is out, reason it out.” Over and over again.

So, on the morn of my birthday, I found myself shuffling slowly towards Kyra’s house. There was something going on inside, I was sure. But there was no commotion. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and forced myself up the veranda steps. I had the note in my hands.

“She’s coming!” Kyra whispered and she motioned for a crowd of people to hide in the living room.

I reached out. Knock knock knock. I rapped on the door. It swung open mysteriously.

“Kyra?” I called.

I was taken by surprise when Kyra stepped from behind the door cake in hands and shouted,

“Surprise! Happy birthday dear Jasmine!” along with all the other girls and boys at school.

“Kyra!” I cried happily! “I...I’m so sorry for misunderstanding! I thought...I’m so sorry!”

“No. It’s not your fault. I didn’t think you would be hurt. I wasn’t trying to ignore you. I’m sorry.” Kyra set the cake on the table and gave me a great big hug. I hugged her tightly.

“Happy Birthday best friend!” Kyra laughed.

“Thank you so much, everyone! Thank you!

"It's what friends do for eachother!" Kyra smiled. "And you're my friend!"

“Hi Jasmine.” Mia approached me shyly.

“Mia! Thank you so much! And I’m sorry.

“Happy birthday. It’s ok.” Mia put her hand on my shoulder.

I smiled. “Friends?”

“Friends.” Mia giggled and we hugged.

“C’mon and see your presents birthday girl!” Kyra squealed.

The best present I received that day was a necklace from Kyra and Mia. It said, “Best.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, confused.

Kyra held out a chain hanging on her neck. I read it. I got it now. It said, “Friends.”

“But...who’s got the “Forever?” I asked.

“I do!” Mia held out her necklace.

Put all three together, and it read, “Best Friends Forever.”
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