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Lazarus' Bow - ZielleWrite9
Zielle S.

This is my contest story. :) It's fiction. Bow and bow. :) Thank you! Enjoy!

Lazarus’s Bow

Ever since Ruby had brought me up, troubles started. I’d do terribly. Yesterday, Ruby asked me why I wasn’t enthusiastic anymore about being in the circus. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to spoil it for her.

At the fence of the pasture, I wanted to run. But my legs, all fours, forced me to go steady. I was afraid that Ruby might suspect if I wasn’t acting happy.

Oh no, they’re here! Nancy and her gang. With her usual flirts and tempting candy for a bargain. A big bow tied in her fluffy woolly coat. I wonder what she’d brag this time.

Nancy approached the fence, her tail swinging.

“W...what d'you want?” I stammered.

“Why, Lazarus,” Nancy began, avoiding my question. “You have a lovely name.” She turned to the gang, then back to me. “I have a name for you. Lazy Laza!”

Her devilish laugh sent tingles down my spine.

“You really aren’t going to try being a circus sheep, are you? You’ll never make it. You’ll fail the simplest trick. All of them."

"I'll show you, Nancy!"

"No, you won't. From the first’n all the way to the last test. Including your bow. You’re a ram! They should choose me.” She turned around and waddled off. Her gang followed, roaring with laughter.

“Not a chance, Nancy.”

Then I did the silliest thing, ever. I bent my head to bow and eventually leaned over too far-- falling on my face. Maybe Nancy was right.

I struggled to my feet.

“How’s my little lamb, Lazarus?”

I managed to let out a joyful shaky “Baaa”.

“Ready for training?

Days passed, I couldn’t get my bows right. More days passed, and I was beginning to doubt myself. I tripped when jumping the hoop. I couldn’t jump high enough to touch Ruby’s hand, and I kept tripping when I shook hands.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I skidded to a stop as I prepared to jump the hoop.

“What’s the matter, Lazarus?” Ruby’s brown pigtails jumped jolly, as she skipped to my side.

I looked towards the pasture and then, plopped down on the grass.

“It’s Nancy, isn’t it?” Ruby asked and sat on the lush greens with me.

“I can’t do it, Ruby. I’m not a circus sheep. I’m just a clumsy old ram.” I said. Ruby ran her hand through my thick wool.

“ feel bad?” Ruby said.

I nodded.

“I know you want to be a circus sheep, Lazarus. We've gone this far.”

I saw her face smiling. Hugging me.

“You have to do your best. I’m counting on you. We make mistakes. We want to be perfect. But all I want is you do your best. That isn’t too hard, is it?”


“Will you?”

“I’m too small.

“It doesn’t matter how small, or how big, you can do anything if you try and do your best.” Ruby said.

“Really?” I bobbed my head.

“Yeah!” She hugged me.

“Wow!” I twirled.

“You can do it, Lazarus!”

“Sure!” I stood up and leaped in the air. Ruby had her hand in the air, and I touched it with my nose!

“You did it, Lazarus!”

My chest breathed in and out heavily. Four feet! I couldn’t do it! Suddenly I saw Ruby looking at me, and then at the people watching us.

I’ll do it. I stood far out and took a running start. I leaped. I closed my eyes. I landed. Everyone was clapping. I opened my eyes. I did it! I jumped through the hoop held four feet from the ground! I looked at Ruby. Her face glowed with pride. I held my chin in the air.

The clapping faded. A man in a black suit and hat walked onto the platform holding a mike. “I don’t know about you, but I think this ram, Lazarus, did fantastic! And for that, he deserves an award! Don’t you think, Ladies and Gentlemen?” The circus roared with applause.

A woman entered the stage and handed the MC the Gold Cup with a blue bow tied around it. The Cup glimmered in the sun. “Here you are, Lazarus!”

Ruby hugged me and took the Cup. “Bow Lazarus, bow.” Ruby whispered.

I put my head down, and then, slowly up.

Thus, I achieved my first successful act, and of course, not the last bows.

At home now. “Told you,” Ruby began, “you could do it!”

“Thanks Ruby. I’m glad I listened to you.” I jiggled my woolly fur close to her.

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