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"Twelve Minutes Till Darkness" Part 3 The New Hope
Zielle S.

If there are any parts that need to be edited or improved, please pm me. Thanks and enjoy!

Part 3 The New Hope

Sweat poured of my body, and I felt as if I couldn’t hold on any longer. My toes searched for a crevice to place them on but none. My right hand finally flopped at my side, and I was unable to lift it up again.

“Help me!” I screamed into the darkness, swinging my legs to the side. “HELP ME!!” I hollered even louder.

My eyes were about to pop out as I gazed down at the ten times hotter than lava river down below my feet. Suddenly my only hope broke loose and I was sent tumbling down into the river down........down....

I sat up bolt upright. “What was that?” I gasped for breath. “Just a dream. Only a dream.” I lay back down.

Tossing and turning, I finally gave up and sat up.

There it was again. The light. It came from Queen Roseline’s palace.

The same girl with flowing dark hair was in the flower place again. This time she knelt down under a bright sunbeam.

A few nights past, and every night I saw the same girl go in the mansion and repeat the same thing over and over again.

“Ugh.” I turned to Jess, shaking her with all my might. I couldn’t hold on any longer. I had to tell her. “Jess! Wake up!”

“What?” The twelve year old girl rolled over and sat up. “What?” Her brunette hair lay streaked across her face.

I started to talk. But she wasn’t listening. Her head turned in the direction of Queen Roseline’s Palace. She had seen it! “What’s that girl doing in there?” She asked.

I shook my head. “You wanna find out?” I had been very eager to do just that, and now I said it with glee in my eyes. But not without Jess.

Jess turned her head towards me. The two both enjoyed adventure, but this was not the time after what had happened. “Well...I don’t feel like it right now...”

“C,mon, what if there is one hope for our town. What if this is the one?” Leslie felt a new hope rising in her.

“What if. Ok? What if. But I don’t believe there’s any hope for this town anymore. We’re leaving tomorrow. Early.” Jess looked at my face.
She could see the hope filling up in my eyes, and I was glad that it had reached from my toes, to my eyes where she could see it so fast. “Well, alright. I mean anyone who goes in there will be punished,and..."
“And it doesn’t look like anythings happening to her! There’s a hope. I know there is.” I exclaimed, finishing me friends sentence.

Jess didn’t answer. “C,mon.”

We ran softly to the palace. Ducking under the wall, I peeked over the top. “C,mon.”

We jumped up and as the girl walked out, her hair flowing, we opened our mouths. “Pssst! Pssst!”

“Ahhh! What are you doing here?” The girls eyes bugged out and she jumped back with a fright.

“We wanna know what you were doing in there.” I whispered harshly, shaking her shoulders.

“Hey wait a minute, Les, uhm sorry kid. She’s just really excited. Sorry. Uhm. I’m Jess, and this is Leslie. You?” Jess asked, smiling.

“Oh...that’s ok. I’m Lorna.” She flashed a smile at me and a wink. “I’m not a kid by the way. I’m thirteen.”

“Oh. Uh. Right. Well, sorry again. But, Lorna, what we really came here for was to ask you what you were doing here? We just got a bit suspicious you know. You didn’t see us?” Jess asked.

“No. But I uh...I have to go. See ya’, my Mum’s waiting.” Lorna avoided the question and tried to circle around me.

“Wait Lorna, please, can’t you tell?” I asked.

“Bye.” She shook me of and ran towards her house. She disappeared around the bend, in the darkness.”

“Well, there goes your hope!” Jess hung her head.

“There still can be a hope. She’s the hope, I know it. Maybe she just can’t tell or something. Are you in for adventure to find hope?” I asked kinda’ not knowing what I was saying.


“If you loved our town you would.

“Alright. I’m in.
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