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"Twelve Minutes Till Darkness"
Zielle S.

I hope I can finish this story.  Enjoy!
Ps. Right now I’m just calling this “Twelve Minutes To Darkness.” If you have any other good title, please tell me. 

Part 1

Screams filled the air. Black shadows loomed over my city, and I wrenched my fingers deeper into my two siblings’ hands, hugging them close.

Just yesterday the place was beautiful and roses filled the place, and everyday, a tiny sprinkle of water made the roses grow, but today, the roses were bent, withering and trampled on. Not by the city’s own people, but by the dreadful monsters and black knights.

A black shadow swooped right above our heads, plunging down over the dirt just behind us.

“Run!” I screamed to my siblings above the din, pulling them through the mess and racket.

“Mom? Dad!!” I screamed, frantically, my body shaking all over.

“Go with Jess. I’ll be back Peter, take care of your sister and hold her tightly. Don’t let yourselves be separated.” I instructed.

“But Leslie, I’m scared!” Peter cried.

“I am too. Go with Jess!” I instructed again.

“Hurry!” I shook slightly and hurried away into the invaded town of RoseGuard.

Minutes passed, and the noise subsided, nearly the only thing I could hear, was my voice, yelling loudly, and the heavy breathing of people in between.

“Leslie! Leslie!” A voice shouted.

“Aunt Lana! I am so glad to see you! Have you seen my parents?” I hugged my aunt, ready to cry.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about.” Aunt Lana’s blue eyes flashed nervously.

“Have you seen them?” I pulled away and my heart filled with new hope.

Then it hit me. My lips turned blue and my face a pale white. My hands shook.

“Leslie, your parents are...dead.
And everything went black.

Part 2 The Light

My eyes blinked open. But this time no rays of sunshine. Just black. Two shadows bent over me. Distant yelling flashed through my mind and the words of my aunt flashed back and forth mixing with the din. Louder every time. Your parents are dead...dead...dead... Suddenly it was quiet.

A few minutes of quietness then a soft soothing voice spoke, and a hand ran through my thick hair.

“Leslie, Leslie wake up. Your brother is here.
I sat up, rubbing my hands together. My younger brothers lips pushed out and his lower lip quivered.

I gathered him into my arms and the both of us sobbed our hurt into each others broken hearts.

“Where’s Iilana?” I finally asked, my face red with tears.

Peter was still clinging to me so my aunt answered.

“She’s with Jess. Pater couldn’t take her with him. She’s fine.” I noticed my aunt was also crying from the loss of her sister, and brother in-law, but I knew she wanted to be brave for us so I said nothing.

I picked up my brother, heavy as he was, and walked with my aunt toward the place where Jess and Iilana were staying.

“Jess!” I cried, setting Peter down and the two friends embraced.

As we did, I turned my head to the side, and spied a light coming from the RoseGaurd palace.

It was in ruins, but the bottom story stood strong and firm, where all the flowers were kept, which did not surprise me. What did was that a small girl carrying a water jug, entered the place and began to pour water over the roots of the roses and similar plants.

Every time she did, a black shadow covered the place but she hurried to the next plant and poured again which regained the light again and again the black and white lights flashed on and off.

I pulled away from Jess, not taking my eyes of the place.
“What’s wrong Leslie?” Jess looked where I was looking, but the girl had hurried out and it was dark again.

I whirled around and took Jess by the shoulders.

“N-nothing.” I shook my head and walked past.

“Wessy!” A small voice screamed and to chubby hands wrapped around my legs squeezing tightly.
As it did, my eyes filled with tears and I knelt down, hugging my sister.

“Iilana, are you ok?” I looked into her face. The little girl nodded solemnly.

“Good. I...” I couldn’t say anymore. My mouth was parched and dry and I felt as if I was glued to the spot.

I grabbed Iilana’s hand and Jess took Peter’s, and the four looked into their once beautiful home town, which was now a ghost town forever.

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