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Zielle S.

I didn’t edit this much, but I hope you enjoy it still. I might be posting a longer story with this in it. Maybe. Enjoy!

Tabitha’s brunette hair lay streaked across her face and the scratchy blanket was pulled away from her as the sleeping girl lay on the mat in the corner of the mud hut.
Timothy tiptoed toward the hut, and crawled under the low door. In his hand he held a small leather pouch which seemed to contain at least three parcels.
He peeked around the curtain to separate his bed from his sisters and saw Tabitha spread out lazily on the floor. His eyes rolled in all directions for he was practicing to copy his older sister when she did it. Shaking his head, he leaned on the wall then suddenly jerked up.
Tabitha’s eyes fluttered open a bit, and was about to wander off into dream land once again when Timothy lurched forward and leaped across his sister, landing soundly on her stomach. For if he did it when she had not opened her eyes just a bit, even if he had jumped on her, she would not wake. For she was a very sound sleeper and he knew that.
Tabitha let out a screech that filled the hut and Timothy’s fingers went straight into his ears. Her eyes snapped open and she jerked her self up, sending Timothy sprawling at her feet. “What was that all about!” She demanded, “I was just having the best dream ever!”
“Well, what you are gonna experience now will be a dream come true!” Timothy yelled, jumping from the ground. “G-morning sleepy head!” He tossed the leather pouch on to her and slid under the door. Tabitha yelled after him, but his head disappeared quicker than she could yell.
“Argh!” Tabitha picked up the sack and pulled at the sides to open it. Then Timothy slid back under the door and yanked the sack from her hands “Oops sorry. I forgot. I need that thing.”
Tabitha followed after her brother and what she saw and heard, her instincts just told her to rush over and give her brother a big hug. And that’s just what she did.
“Oh yuck! You didn’t have to do that.” Timothy said, pushing Tabitha aside.
“And you didn’t have to do this!” Tabitha cried. “Oh, thank you Papa. Thank you Mama.”
“Now you can open her presents.” Mama suggested, proudly looking at her newly ten year old daughter.
“Thanks ma.
Tabitha sat down on the ground and pulled out the first present. She gasped. “Oh Ma! Thank you!” It was a thick woven mat of sheeps wool, edged with paper flowers and leaves. Now she could throw out her old scratchy bed mat, and finally be able to sleep on a soft woollen bed. She smiled brightly.
Now for the next present. She dug into the sack and pulled out a hand made head band made out of thick vines curled together and a cap at the each end of it. It had an everlasting flower glued into place on the right hand side. After her thanks, she dug back into the bag, expecting another present from Timothy. Finding none, She looked at her brother. “So...where’s my “dream come true”, huh Timothy?”
Timothy glared at his sister, trying to hide his embarrassment. He fumbled with a star at behind his back and held it out to his sister.
“ dream come true?” Tabitha fumed. Timothy knew she was very disappointed, but she had to understand. Maybe she expected a trip to Jerusalem. Maybe...But he felt sorry for her anyhow.
“Darling...Tabitha, you have to understand. Wait till night when the stars come out, and you’ll see.” Papa and Mama said, smiling at Timothy.
“Really?” Tabitha calmed down, and looked at the star. How could the stars be a dream come true? She saw the stars everynight. Well, almost every night.
That night, the family went outside. “Look to the west Tabitha.” Tabitha looked. There, she saw her favourite star looming over her house, it seemed to be the king over all stars in the universe.
“Hold the star beside it Tabitha.” Tabitha did. She noticed both stars had six sides, both stars had the same shade, and from where they looked, the same size.
“Put the star in front of it Tabitha.” Tabitha did. “Reach out and touch your star!” Timothy urged. Tabitha smiled. She knew what this meant now. Eagerly, she reached out and touched it. She felt it! She did! She was touching her dream come true!
That night, as Tabitha lay in bed, Timothy tiptoed quietly over and picked up the star from beside the bed. He had a piece of string in his hand, with which he tied to the star. Then, he reached up and hung it in front of the star, you could see shining brightly outside Tabitha’s window, on a nail. It stood right in front of the star, and as Timothy looked, it glittered in the night.
“Tabitha.” He whispered, shaking her awake.
This time, she was not a sound sleeper and woke quite easily. “Look!” Timothy cried. “Your star!”
Tabitha reached up and touched it. “Thank you Timothy. Thank you very much!”
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