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Ages: 9-10
(Not the real title) Part 3 of Hair
Zielle S.

Chapter 3

The next day I was extra busy and I never got a chance to speak to Edward.

Until now. Well, I didn’t really talk to him, I... I leaned my broom against Edwards room, and pressed my ear against the door. This is what I heard:

“ am I gonna tell her! She’s my friend!” That was Edward’s voice.

“Aw...who cares about her...she’s just a normal old maid.” Princess Siana sat down on her brother’s bed combing her long brown hair. She spread her skirt over the bed and looked at her brother with a quirky smile, and a twitch of her finger.

Edward glared at Siana, and leaned against the wall. “I don’t want to, can’t, and won’t let anything even that ruin our friendship.”

I took my ear of the door and pretended to dust the shelf standing outside as one of the officers walked past. But I kept thinking, what? What could ruin our friendship? She decided to listen some more.

“How can I tell her someone already got her hair? How can I tell her this is the place where she goes till her hair grows back? Oh...the witch forbade anyone to be her friend there. If anyone did, she would kill both Mary and that friend! Why did it have to be her with hair like that? Why couldn’t it be someone else?” Edward was practically crying by the time he was finished.

I couldn’t help it. I would stay till midnight at our usual visits, and tell him everything.
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