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Ages: 7-8
A song by My Little Brother
Zielle S.

Hey! This is a song that my seven year old brother wrote last night. He asked me to share it here. :) He just added a few things here. :-)

Verse 1
I want to be free,
I want to be free,
I want to be free
as a bird flying in the sky!

Verse 2
God made us to worship him and be free--ee.

Verse 3
God WILL let us to be free by honoring him,
By glorifying you o LORD,

Even the flowers
Worship GOD, even the birds of the air,
Even the fish of the sea,
Even the sun that gives us light,
Even the air,
Even the lions of the jungle
Even the monkeys in the trees,
And so should weee-eeee-eeee-e!

I will worship God till the end of my life,
I will shout for my Lord everyday.
I will never forget my LORD,
I will never let God down.
And I know you are good,
You are available always!!
You are kind to let us be free,
You are loving to let us be free,
You are gentle to let us be free,
You are mighty to let us be free,
You are glorious to let us be free,
you are generous to let us be free,
You are glorius o GOD!
My saviour,
My salvation,
A everlasting God!

Repeat Chorus! Repeat bridge! Repeat verse 1! Repeat chorus!
Then repeat verse 2!!

Sorry about that I don't know the tune! :-)

:) So cute...

BTW, he said that he wants to share a user with me. :-) His user name is Writer7. I hope you like it!

Sorry that I kept changing it! :-)

If you like it, do a SUNGLASSES SMILEY
If you don't, do a GREEN FACE
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Zielle S.   Better Than the Best -Awesome!



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