Ages: 9-10
Candy & Obedients Contest
Zielle S.

I'm going to do a contest for you.

Third Prize: You get to choose the age of my MC and pick how many friends she meets. (has to be at least two or more, just not only one.)

Second Prize: You get to choose my MC'S name, and you get to make the description of her second friend she meets.

First Prize: You get to make the description of my MC, and the description of the first friend she meets.

I guess I'll have to tell you about my story so you can do a proper description.

A Princess is kidnapped, and made to work as a house maid for an evil witch ina tower far away in the desert. The witches men kidnapped girls from every kindom they could find. Beside that tower stood another one, which held dozens of boys where they worked as servants also.

Before, all those girls and boys were Princessess and Princes. The witch kidnapped them so they wouldn't be the next heir to the Kings and Queens. Then, they would take iver the kingdoms, and leave the girls and boys in the towers.
The questions are, will they ever find their way back home? Will they ever see their family again?

(You can tell me in messiging or the forum if you want. You don't have to do the stuff you get in your prizes, but you can.) :)

Now I'll tell you what you do to get those prizes after you enter:
There will be a story topic for the contestants. (there can be more than three, but only three get prizes)

You have to write a short story on the topic, and I can see what story describes the topic most. The deadline will be on the twentieth of november 2013. So please enter as soon as possible so you will have time to write your story.

Topic: Candy and obedients
You can tell me if you entered in the forum, in a post, or by message. Thank you. :)
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