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Bell of Justice
Zielle S.

The Bell of Justice
By-Uzzielle K.S. Age 10

Once upon a time, there was a king who owned a big kingdom. He owned fields, gardens, horses, and donkeys, and there was a about six-million- three people in the kingdom, because there was three babies born at that very moment!

Everyday, it seemed, a sound of a bell would ring. BONG! BONG! BONG! And people would stick their heads out of windows. Babies would cry, and a few men with flowing white robes would march out of the castle behind the king.

Why, do you ask? Because one day, the king ordered his Carpenters and Masons to build a bell in the centre of the kingdom. Again, why?

The king felt tired of his people having to wait to settle a complaint before they were called by Him to be given justice. So, the bell was for the complaints of the people.

The bell was made of shining metal gold, regularly varnished and shined. The rope was made of a long strong grape vine. It hung from the bell, which hung from a large beam across the square.

The people would ring it if they had a complaint, and the King and his subjects would hear it, and come to the square. Well, that was not the full. The bell was loud enough for almost a whole section of the town to hear it. At least, it reached to the ears of a person whose name was Balaam. He lived about thirty minutes away from the castle.

The bell was called; “The Bell of Justice”.
One day, the king called for Balaam to be seen by him.
“Ah Balaam, Just the person I’ve wanted to talk to.” The king stroked his beared and leaned forward a bit.
“Yes, you’re Highness.” Balaam bowed slightly.
“I have a horse who I’ve had for a long time, but I couldn’t find the right person for the job I’m about to give you. But since you moved in...”
“Yes my lord. Name it, your Majesty.” Balaam replied excitedly.
“This horse has been continuously teased and pestered, and I was wondering if you will care for it till my masons and carpenters build him a stable of his own. And maybe a few more weeks after. “The king added. “Anyway, we will let you know. I will send a servant over to pay you each day.
Balaam’s face fell at the job, for he was expecting maybe a more exiting job. But half of him was happy because he would be paid every day. Quickly he said, “Yes of course you’re highness, I would be most obliged. That was a command; was it your Majesty.” Balaam chuckled slightly, sliding his hands behind his back.
“Yes, yes, now be on your way. I have already sent someone to fetch the horse.” The king waved his hand as Balaam backed out of the room.
Meanwhile, Balaam fed and watered his horse, not exactly to please the king, but for the money. Money! Every day!
Balaam already owned tons and tons of money, that he hoarded selfishly, but to him, the money he had was never enough. But to feed his horse was only for the first few days. The king should have known better. Balaam spent hours and hours each day, counting his money that he usually forgot to feed his horse. Then, that became every day that he forgot to feed his horse.
One day, after suffering not being fed for weeks, the horse decided to run away, figuring it was better to be pestered and teased for a few weeks, than to be starved until he died.
So one night, he snuck through a small opening behind the water trough spilling the remaining dirty water that had stayed there the last time Balaam had fed him which seemed like a year.
Running as fast as he could, he galloped towards the stable that he was usually kept before he was brought to his horrible new master. But suddenly, the young horse stopped. Something had caught his eye. Sure enough, through the dark night, the horse could see something hanging down from a beam across the square.
Walking closer, the horse spied a green vine hanging from the beam. He had no idea, that he had arrived to The Bell of Justice, and that on the very top of the vine was the gleaming gold bell which sparkled in the night, but the horse couldn’t see it.
The horse blinked, then galloped right up to the vine and began to chew at it rapidly.
The sound of the loud bell awakened Balaam and he sat up in bed rubbing his eyes sleepily.
“Aw. That’s nothing.” Balaam plopped his pillow in his head and turned over.
“Who could be ringing at this time of night?” The king shouted, obviously angry at the noise.
“It must be urgent your highness,” One of the guards said, glancing out the window.
Lights turned on around the city. Babies were woken and began to cry loudly.
The king ordered someone to bring a torch. The king and his royal subjects hurried out how they were, and went to the square, to see how urgent the complaint was.
“It’s a horse!” someone yelled excitedly.
“Yes! And It’s eating the vine that was attached to the bell!” Said a second person.
The king immediately realized who the horse was and ordered two of his guards to bring Balaam to him.
The soldiers brought Balaam to the king. The king began to speak.
“I entrusted my horse to you, and why didn’t you take well of him?” The king demanded, pointing toward the poor horse standing beside a gentleman, cold, and thin.
“I should’ve known better than to choose a money hoarder to do the job!” The king said after Balaam confessed that he had not fed the horse because of counting money. “That horse was to be given to my son when he was old enough. “
Balaam’s face turned white and he stuttered, “Oh but your M...majesty, I...I didn’t k...know.”
“Oh don’t “but” me, I give you a job and you’re supposed to be responsible. You know that don’t you?”
And meanwhile, for justice, the king ordered the money that had been given to Balaam taken away from him.
The king gave the horse to a friend of his for the while, (He just moved in) and the man took care of the horse.

Balaam learned a important lesson on responsibility, and honesty, and though he hoarded the money that was given to him before, it was taken away from him.
And the horse lived happily ever after!
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