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Fourteen Awesome Tips on Writing!
Zielle S.

Hi, Iíve been writing since I was five years old. Iím nine now. Iím a home-schooler.
I like writing because it's something I have to put my mind to. It makes me think.
I can write whatever I want. I had a story submitted to story-mates before.

* I also like doing piano. Itís something that makes me think too.

Iíve got a book about writing stories for kids, I donít get some of it, but itís good.

Writing takes practice. Like if you write a story and itís your first one, you shouldnít be discouraged because itís only your first go. Just do it every day.

My mom is a writer too.

By the way, here are fourteen tips on writing:

1.For every sentence, if possible, use only 10 or less words. Itíll be easier for the reader to understand.

2.Indent every paragraph.

3.Check your spelling after the story.

4.Paragraph any sentence that is a different topic after the previous.

5.Keep writing your story even if you donít have proper spelling, commas, apostrophes, and so on. Edit it afterwards.

6.Check your grammar after the story.

7.Use capital letters in the right places. (Initials, first letter of a sentence, Names)

8.Only ďquoteĒ sentences/words on both sides if it says who is talking. If not, only ďquoteĒ the beginning.

9.Donít worry about a catchy title first. You might even think about that at the end of the story. Actually, itís better to do it when youíre halfway through the story or at the end (even better). If you do it even before youíve started the story, you might think of changing it again after the story. But if you write it at the end, then you will already know a title. You will not have to change it because youíll already know the real topic of the story. Itíll be easy to find a title.

10.Make a new paragraph whenever a person talks. Itíll be easier for the readers to read.

11.Try to avoid using one same word repetitively. The readers might get bored.

12.Make the beginning of your story exciting. Your reader will want to read more. Always make sure you have lots of conflicts if itís going to be a book. Make the good guys win always with LOTS of conflict.

13.Always be sure to use Thesaurus.

14.Never make the main character of your story die. *I read a book before, and one of the main characters died, (I think she was) I got REALLY angry, I cried! :P It was Alone in London.*

Ps. Sorry if I sometimes used more than ten words in my sentences, although I didnít count ďsomeĒ of them. It was necessary. :P
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